Mainstream Media’s New Slogan – ‘Seriously, We’re Not Fake News!’

Mainstream Media’s New Slogan – ‘Seriously, We’re Not Fake News!’

“I believe that competition in the future will not be only an advertising competition between individual products or between big associations, but that it will in addition be a competition of propaganda.”

– Edward Bernays, author of ‘Propaganda,’ and ‘The Father of Public Relations’

For the longest time, the mainstream media lacked true opposition. Sure, there have been many media outlets competing for market share of subscribers over the last century, but there has always lacked true opposition in the form of perspective, narrative, and principle. Following the end of the FCC’s ‘Fairness Doctrine’ in 1987, talk radio emerged as a right wing power house to combat the enormous blob of collectivist thought that made up the mainstream press. But, talk radio only went so far, it would take the true freedom of the internet with it’s low barriers to entry to uncage the diversity of opinion that makes up American thought. This new medium for journalism has given rise to the alternative media, and the alternative media is now winning the competition for trust.

In response, the mainstream media projected it’s massive shortfall in trust onto the alternative media with two words: ‘fake news.’ This weaponized term of ‘Fake News’ that the left-wing media created has blown back on them, further poisoning their former, long standing brands of trust and authority in journalism.

In the latter half of February 2017, within only a couple of days of each other, The New York Times, CBS News, and The Washington Post all announced new slogans in an attempt to uproot the public’s perception that they are fake news.


The New York Times launched a 30 second ad during the 89th Academy Awards. The ad transcribes many recent news story lines in an ever-accelerating, chaotic, and contradictory fashion. Each story line overlaps the one prior to emphasize how the truth can be drowned out by the numerous voices of the modern media era. These story lines end in a crescendo stating that “Truth is hard to find, to know, and more important now than ever.” The final line is the words: The New York Times. This ad is an attempt to reposition NYT as THE authority that can cut through the surrounding noise that entangles the truth.

The New York Times is fighting more than a credibility, PR battle; they are fighting for their financial survival. President Trump has repeatedly branded them, “the failing New York Times.”

The President’s persuasive branding device invokes his critics to attempt to disprove the claim. The problem for them is, he’s right. The New York Times’ 4th Quarter net income for 2016 was $37m, down from $52m for the same quarter in 2015, a 28% decrease. And this shrinking income came about during an election year! Election years generally boost media ad revenue and readership.

CBS News chose a slightly less subtle way to close the brand gap between their reporting and so called ‘fake news’ with the new slogan, ‘Real News.’cbs-this-morning-real-news

CBS has been a news broadcasting organization for nearly 90 years. This slogan is not an informative label of a new player in the media space; this message’s sole purpose is to draw the sharpest distinction away from CBS’s current brand image of ‘fake news.’ CBS’s choice to combat the brand of ‘fake news’ head-on is an admission that the alternative of leaving this issue alone would only further damage their credibility.

The Washington Post’s latest slogan is “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” It’s clearly catchy with it’s strong use of alliteration, but the persuasiveness of the tone reveals The Post’s not-so-subtle narrative. Democracy is an overwhelmingly positive ideal held in America, and the fear of democracy dying evokes a strong emotional appeal for us to prevent it’s demise. How do we prevent democracy from dying in darkness? With light! Supposedly, that light shines forth from The Washington Post.


The term ‘darkness’ is interesting too. ‘Dark’ has been repeatedly used to describe Donald Trump’s campaign and now White House. Scott Adams explains that ‘dark’ “lets you fill in the details with whatever scares you the most about Trump while conveying a general tone of evil and negativity.” There’s no coincidence that this new WaPo slogan was not used during the Obama administration; yet, one month into Trump’s administration, we’re reminded how democracy dies each time The Washington Post covers a story. At least there is no more pretense that The Washington Post is an unbiased and objective news source when they tied their slogan to the defeat of their enemy, Donald Trump. They are telling you right up front, ‘this propaganda piece is designed to destroy the current president.’

The mainstream media is at war with Donald Trump and the alternative media. These are rather newer enemies to the not-so-long-ago, unopposed mainstream media. Anticipate the other mainstream media outlets to shift their slogans towards pronouncing that they too are ‘real news.’ But they too will be in vein. The shift in consciousness, thanks to the alternative media and Donald Trump, has already reached it’s tipping point and no amount of competing, mainstream media, propaganda slogans will replace the trust that is lost.


Mainstream Media’s Buzzword – ‘Fake News’ – Now Waving the White Flag of Surrender

Mainstream Media’s Buzzword – ‘Fake News’ – Now Waving the White Flag of Surrender

Props to the mainstream media, the introduction of the term, fake news, has been an overwhelming success, but not as they intended. The label is beautiful; it’s a concise, unambiguous, sticky buzzword that instantly resonates with its receiver. ‘Fake news’ is the atomic bomb of persuasive labeling with the capability of obliterating a story. Yet, the mainstream media is learning that forging a game-changing weapon of war comes at a cost  — your enemy will soon acquire it and point it right back at you. The leftist progenitors of ‘fake news,’ much like the men of the Manhattan Project, have come to regret their tool’s ramifications.

Fake news (def.) – a type of hoax or deliberate spread of misinformation published under the guise of being authentic news to mislead in order to gain financially or politically

The term ‘fake news’ has rocketed in prevalence as depicted in Google Trends since late October

It appears as if this simple phrase came out of nowhere. Journalism has been around for millennia; moreover, news reporting hasn’t changed that much since 2012 and 2014 where that graph line remains flat. Are we to believe that there was no such thing as ‘fake news’ back then? Of course not. So, why the skyrocketing spike? Why the concern now about fake news? In a nutshell,  because Donald Trump won.

Media Matters for America is a politically progressive, self-proclaimed ‘watchdog’ site. The organization’s stated mission is to “comprehensively monitor, analyze, and correct conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.” Did you catch that?  Their stated mission is ‘to correct conservative media,’ and given that Donald Trump won the presidency, Media Matter’s mission just got a whole lot more imperative for the political left.

A confidential memo from David Brock, founder of Media Matters, written sometime shortly after the election, headlined in it’s first few pages that they are committed to fighting against ‘fake news.’ One of the three stated goals of ‘The Media Matters Plan,’ is the goal of “Developing technologies to serve as an early warning system for fake news and inoculate social media platforms from exploitation and abuse.”

The rest of the leftist mainstream media outlets enthusiastically picked up the marching orders from Media Matters and followed suit. Below are just a few examples of mainstream media’s headlines creating that “early warning for fake news“:

The plague of fake news is getting worse — here’s how to protect yourself

November 1, 2016, CNN

This is a real news story about fake news stories

November 7, 2016, Washington Post

How Fake News Goes Viral: A Case Study

November 20, 2016, New York Times

Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say

November 24, 2016, Washington Post

As Fake News Spreads Lies, More Readers Shrug at the Truth

December 6, 2016, New York Times

Fake news: an insidious trend that’s fast becoming a global problem

December 2, 2016,  The Guardian

Read all about it: The biggest fake news stories of 2016

December 30, 2016, CNBC

As time went on, these accusations of ‘fake news’ in their headlines got more grave and insidious. Clearly, there was a coordinated effort here among these left-wing churnalists to use the buzzword and associate it with Trump as often as possible.

Well, there has been an equal and opposite reaction to the left’s coordinated attack. Right-wing media fired back at the MSM with their own:

12 Fake News Stories from the Mainstream Media

November 22,2016, Breitbart

‘Fake News’ Isn’t Just a Rightwing Problem

November 26, 2016, National Review 

Mainstream media is the chief culprit behind ‘fake news’

December 6, 2016, The Hill

The Ultimate “FAKE NEWS” List

December 7, 2016, InfoWars

The 7 Worst Examples of Fake News From the Mainstream Media

December  10, 2016, Townhall

The Real ‘Fake News’ Comes From The Mainstream Media

December 19, 2016, Investor’s Business Daily

But the ultimate retaliatory death blow was fixed squarely on CNN from the man with the bully pulpit, then President-elect, Donald Trump. When Trump was fielding questions from the press corps, a CNN correspondent continuously interrupted him, begging for a question to ask. So Trump fired back, “No, I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news.

And in that very moment, the mainstream media lost the ‘Fake News’ War. One shot; many journalists killed (in terms of credibility).

Since then, the mainstream media has continued to take causalities. As reported previously here, the media’s trust is at all-time record lows and that trend is accelerating downward. This ‘fake news’ backfire was entirely predictable. If the mainstream media had a shred of humility, they would have recognized their devastatingly low position of trust, and as such, refrained from projecting their misdeeds onto the alternative media outlets. But Social Justice Warriors always double down; they can’t turn it off.

Even former Democratic Presidential contender, Bernie Sanders joked that, “Maybe he [Trump] was watching CNN, fake news, what do you think? …It was a joke.” Apparently, this hit quite the sore spot for CNN, and their producers abruptly “lost” his feed. The response Bernie received for his joke is par for the course as of late.

Another CNN reporter, Chris Cuomo said on SiriusXM, “I see being called ‘fake news’ as the equivalent of the N-word for journalists, the equivalent of calling an Italian any of the ugly words that people have for that ethnicity.” He later apologized, but the fact remains…this label boomerang has cut them deep.

Washington Post, much like CNN, who previously went on an all out assault to sleigh anything that they construed as ‘fake news’ back in November and December, can’t handle the taste of their own medicine. Washington Post did an about-face, and in a true, Orwellian, double think fashion ran a new story condemning the labeling of ‘fake news’:

Shutting down fake news could move us closer to a modern-day ‘1984’

February 10, 2017, Washington Post

That’s right. Now that the label is sticking to WaPo, the act of labeling opposing opinions as ‘fake news’ is a form of 1984, Ministry of Truth, silencing technique. Interesting. Did that same standard apply when they hastily and unabashedly labeled the alternative, right-leaning media the same thing? Additionally, they openly waved the white flag stating:

It’s time to retire the tainted term ‘fake news’

February 8, 2017, Washington Post

‘Fake news’ has now lost all meaning

February 9, 2017, Washington Post

Unfortunately, for CNN, Washington Post, and the rest of mainstream media, you can’t command the public to turn off the weapon that you pointed at them first. It doesn’t work like that. This may very well go down as the all-time biggest backfires in mainstream media history. This label will continue to be pointed at the MSM, creating a feedback loop of confirmation bias every time the audience catches them in a lie or even an accidental misrepresentation of the truth. The label, ‘FAKE NEWS!’ will immediately be recalled and ascribed to them. This devastating damage will plague their credibility and trust long after their white flag of surrender has been torn in two.

The Narrative of Trump’s Immigration Ban

The Narrative of Trump’s Immigration Ban

The mainstream media has found their story. Nothing else could possibly compare to this horrifying executive action. President Trump has officially banned the citizens of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, and Libya from entering the United States for 90 days and all refugees for 120 days.

The way the media’s coverage is being displayed, one would think that the news cycle is extremely devoid of other issues or events in the world today. And the intensity of the coverage on this one issue, the examination of countless angles, and the many interviews of those directly and indirectly effected, leave the audience to feel that this is a monumental event in U.S. history. Taking a quick spin through the self-proclaimed ‘unbiased’ and ‘objective’ mainstream media’s websites, a dark and disturbing message is being delivered.


At CNN 9 out of 9 of their stories located on the top, left side of the page are dedicated to Trump’s ban. CNN has cleared their entire, highly coveted, top left space on the site to cover this one executive order. But this is not the only impactful executive order that Trump has signed in his first week as POTUS. Why aren’t his other executive orders given the same spotlight?

As of Monday morning, 1/30/2017, President Trump has signed 15 executive orders. Among those, Trump signed authorization to: minimize the economic burden of Obamacare, commence immediate construction of a border wall, withdraw from TPP, green-light the Keystone XL Pipeline, ban the administration’s appointees from lobbying  for 5 years following their appointment, freeze hiring for all federal employees except the military, etc. Yet, judging by the mainstream media’s websites, you would think Trump had only signed one executive order.


In similar fashion, ABC News has 5 out of 11 of their ‘Top Stories’ on the topic of the immigration ban. Moreover, their key article pictures a black-dressed, militant march of ISIS fighters in the background of the story titled, ‘Trump’s Travel Ban Heightens Risk of Attacks in US, Homeland Security Expert Says.‘ This image was chosen specifically for it’s scary, ISIS militant imagery, which is used by ABC News to associate the fear of an ISIS attack with the potential consequences of Donald Trump’s ban. In fact, this is yet another example of the perpetuated, mainstream media narrative that Donald Trump is the next Hitler.

Scott Adams, creator of the ‘Dilbert’ cartoon and self-proclaimed hypnotist, has gone into extensive detail in his blogs to explain the Trump/Hitler association. He explains that we all have filters in which we view the world in order to make sense of it. This is an ongoing ‘movie script’ that plays in our heads, and ever since the recent campaign, Hillary Clinton’s team, along with the mainstream media, have promulgated this narrative that Donald Trump is the next Hitler ascending to power. People who consciously or unconsciously subscribe to this idea are constantly in search of confirmation bias to support it. Trump’s many other executive orders, appointments, and actions up to this point as president have lacked that militant, dictatorial quality necessary for this narrative to manifest. That is, until this executive order.

When the media finally received it’s nugget of confirmation bias, they cleared their slate of all other stories, and they have now applied sole focus on ‘the ban.’

espn-discusses-trump-immigration-banTo illustrate the sheer absurdity and pervasive nature of this narrative, even ESPN (owned by the Walt Disney Company along with ABC News) has dedicated a significant portion of their show, “First Take,” to one NBA player’s opposition to Trump’s travel ban. There are hundreds of professional athletes that have a multitude of opinions outside of their sport. Yet, this one opinion has been deemed ‘news worthy?’ Steve Kerr’s disapproval of the president’s policy is not sports’ news; it’s a designed interjection of a political hot topic onto an unsuspecting sports audience.

If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.” – Mark Twain


MSN, a news aggregator, likewise shows 4 out of 4 of their top stories inside the top, left window box to be dedicated to the ban as well.


As for MSNBC 9 out of 10 of their ‘Top Stories’ combining those from NBC and MSNBC echoed that of the rest of mainstream media.

All of this fear enabled, media attention on this issue would leave one to believe that this move is unprecedented for a U.S. president. In fact, beloved Democrat, President Obama’s “State Department stopped processing Iraq refugees for six months in 2011” as described by ABC News. There were no protests; there wasn’t a peep out these same people who today are literally shaking from Trump’s actions. Likewise, Democratic President Jimmy Carter banned “all visas issued to Iranian citizens for future entry into the United States” in 1980. Where was the outrage back then?

The narrative is clear. The people who swallow the volumes of articles, the emphasis and severity given to each one, and the manufactured, overall impact of this ban on the American landscape are being deliberately steered away from context and perspective. These readers are being made to believe that they have been informed of the truth, but the reality is that they are being conditioned to disproportionately respond to this executive action for a broader agenda, the demagoguery of the current president.

“The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.” – Thomas Jefferson

When the Dust Settled…

When the Dust Settled…

While occupying the office of President of the United States, Barack Obama had the single, most, influential impact that one man can have on current events. Some of the challenges of the day are self-created and others give rise of their own accord, but the president shapes the climate and attitudes of the nation within the often hazy, heat of the moment. Obama’s dusty prints have clouded America’s recent chapters, casting them into the dustbin of history.

‘The Most Transparent Administration’


Upon the conclusion of George W Bush’s presidency, which was riddled with foreign wars and escalating debts, Barack Obama pledged to the American people ‘hope and change.’ The crux of this pledge was that of a transparent administration. In fact, on 1/21/2009, Obama’s 2nd day in office, President Obama declared, “Let me say it as simply as I can: Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency.


One way to quantify a presidency’s transparency is by studying their adeptness in handling Freedom of Information Act Requests. FOIA is a 50 year old law that gives citizens the right to access information from the federal government. Obviously, an administration that prides itself on transparency would go above and beyond to make sure the citizens’ requests are satisfied. Yet, as reported by PBS NewsHour, “the Obama administration set a record for censoring government files or outright denying access.” In fact, the Obama administration set a record in 2015 for either censoring or failing to send 77% of the requested files.

The American people felt the lack of transparency. In 2013, a Reason-Rupe poll found that 57% of Americans do not consider the Obama administration to be the most transparent in history. A year later, a Fox News poll echoed similar sentiments finding, “more than two-thirds — 68 percent — say no, this White House is not the most open and transparent.” Obama finished up his presidency, with a majority 59% feeling that he “mostly failed” on keeping his pledge of running a transparent administration.



Solydnra was a California based company focusing on new technology in solar panels. This once mega-hyped solar panel startup raised over a billion dollars from private investors and over $535 million of tax-payer funds in the form of a loan backed by the Department of Energy. “It’s here that companies like Solyndra are leading the way toward a brighter and more prosperous future,” said President Obama.


‘Prosperous,’ Obama? The future shows that this is yet another classic example of government interfering in the free market, misallocating over a half of a billion dollars, and sticking the tax payers with the bill. When asked directly if Obama regretted the $535 million federal loan guarantee, he unremorsefully responded, “No, I don’t.”

Ahmed Mohamed a.k.a ‘Clock Boy’


A firestorm rocked the country when 14 year old Ahmed entered his school with a disassembled then reassembled 1986 Radio Shack clock. This show-and-tell piece was encased, not in a traditional clock sphere or clock-radio shell, but instead in a briefcase. In a era of school bomb threats and terrorism, the public school with a zero tolerance policy sprung into action to assure the safety of all the students. This precaution resulted in the suspension and police handcuffing of Ahmed under the reasonable suspicion of this briefcase being a bomb. President Obama jumped at the opportunity to pick the side of the media manufactured, ‘oppressed’ minority over the safety of the local school children. Obama held up Ahmed as an inspiring, minority genius for the country to behold, and he even had him visit the White House.


Aided by the reinforcement of the President of the United States, Ahmed’s family attempted to sue the Texas school district, the principal of the high school, and the city of Irving. This callous family has total disregard for their fellow community’s tax payers and for the implementation of the zero tolerance policy designed to ensure child safety. Fortunately, the court dismissed their case, and instead, their lawsuit has backfired completely. “Now that the lawsuit has been dismissed, the AFLC is petitioning the court for lawyer fees and sanctions against Clock Boy’s dad.”

Shooting of Michael Brown


In the summer of 2014, 18 year old Michael Brown was shot and killed in Ferguson, MO by Darren Wilson, a white police officer, sparking a nationwide backlash that has pitted segments of communities against one another. The aftermath of this backlash has left stores burned to the ground, lives lost due to riots, and even murders of police officers in other states as retaliatory actions taken against police in general. How did President Obama react to the situation? Did he call for an immediate end to the violence? Did he calm the mob, and remind the nation to wait for the facts to come out through the investigation and trust in the verdict delivered by the courts?

Nope. Instead, much like the ‘clock boy’ situation, Obama chose a side. He said, “a gulf of mistrust exists between local residents and law enforcement…too many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement — guilty of walking while black or driving while black…” Thanks Obama! As our first African American president, Barack Obama was in a unique position to bring credible persuasion to heal the wounds in both the law enforcement departments and Ferguson community at large. Instead, he used his power of influence to cast early judgement on law enforcement. The result fomented even greater anger at police across the nation. In turn, the ‘Ferguson Effect’ grew.


Since Michael Brown, American cities have seen a decreased presence of proactive law enforcement. This is known as the Ferguson Effect. The effect is one of significant increases in violent crime in those communities due to the lack of police presence that lingers to this day.

Had Obama avoided the mob, he wouldn’t have landed on the wrong side of history. After a rigorous investigation, Darren Wilson was sparred of criminal charges. Even Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, added that the report was “fair and rigorous from the start,” and if you disagree with this verdict you need “to read the report in full.”



The Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, was hyped up for its assurance that all Americans are covered by healthcare. This legislation was to be President Barack Obama’s crowning achievement. He expressed that “the bill I’m signing will set in motion reforms that generations of Americans have fought for and marched for and hungered to see.” According to Obama, this law was to be praised by Americans for its positive effects that would be felt for generations.


Only, this law did not last generations; it didn’t even last a decade. With the American people so enormously dissatisfied with their limited options and increased premiums, the people have demanded it’s repeal. On January 11, 2017, “Senators voted 51-48 to approve a budget resolution that Republicans will use as a vehicle to speed through repeal of the Affordable Care Act.”

Guantanamo Bay


Obama stated at least a half of a dozen times on national television during his election campaign and shortly after being sworn in that he would close Guantanamo Bay while president.

When interviewed on 60 Minutes on December 13, 2009, Steve Kroft asked, “There are a number of different things that you can take action on early pertaining to Executive Orders. One of them is to shut down Guantanamo Bay, another is to change interrogation methods that are used by U.S. troops. Are those things that you plan to take early action on?

Obama replied, “Yes. I have said repeatedly that I intend to close Guantanamo, and I will follow through on that. I have said repeatedly that America doesn’t torture; I’m going to make sure that we don’t torture.” ‘Follow through,’ he did not.


The Obama administration is acknowledging publicly for the first time that he will be unable to fulfill this core campaign promise. Although it’s long been clear that President Obama would not be able to shut down the Guantanamo Bay prison, the White House had continued to maintain that he was working toward closing it.


You judge a tree by it’s fruits. Obama’s presidency has left the nation more divided on racial issues, twice as much in debt than all previous presidents combined, and the only change that America felt was the loss of hope that this president was going to be different.

Americans Cast Celebrities Aside 

Americans Cast Celebrities Aside 

It’s over. Done. The foggy, non-argument, group think, appeal to authority spell that was the Hollywood celebrity influence over politics has been lifted!  Many celebrities are just now waking up to this reality; I’m afraid, still many more haven’t even considered it as a possibility.

It’s no secret that marketers tie their products to famous people to drive sales. Celebrities have been proven to deliver a perception of an unbiased endorsement that the target audience wouldn’t receive from the producer directly.

Politics is a different type of sale. Politicians, special interests, and the latest cause célèbres have relished in the attachment of their message to celebrities. Just one problem, the American people are no longer buying it.

A majority of Americans (49% to 46%) surveyed believe that “celebrities should stay out of politics” all together according to a CBS News/New York Times poll. Additionally, Gallup found that nearly two thirds (64%) say celebrities have little, if any, influence on Washington decision-makers. Even the successful Trump campaign when approached about the subject stated that it “wasn’t all that interested in peddling celebrity backers.”

In order to win an election, politicians must drive new voters to the polls, and these days, those new voters are the coveted millennials. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, millennials differ “from the youth of the two previous generations, parents have considerable influence on Millennial’s political views,” and “celebrities ranked as having minimal or least influence.”  Celebrity Studies concurred finding that millennials “are more likely to listen to individuals other than celebrities for their own political information.” So why then are there so many synthetic, celebrity compilation videos delivering these unified political messages?

With an ever increasing, often conflicting, presence of online stories vying for our validation, the only rational approach is one of skepticism. Celebrities are used with the intent to melt away this hard coated skeptical shell allowing the political message to seep in. And the 2016 election cycle, like many election cycles before it, was no different when it comes to celebrity political outreach.

Leading up to Tuesday, November 8, 2016—Election Day—everyone’s favorite celebrities left no doubt what their adoring fans were to do….vote! They even joked about the absurdity of their request by saying the only way to communicate the importance of our vote is by having “a shit ton of famous people repeat[ing] how important it is to register and vote.

We didn’t listen. Insert one Donald Trump into the presidency.

The strategy failed. But despite this fact, in true social justice fashion, what did the celebrities do? They doubled down of course—well, kind of—this time they could only scrounge up a group of C list celebrities (and Martin Sheen) to virtue signal for all of the internet to see. Rhetoric level elevated to: ‘No Longer Joking Level!‘ The celebrities pleaded with the electoral college members by beginning, “as you know, our Founding Fathers, built the electoral college to safeguard us against a demagogue, and to ensure that the presidency only goes to someone who is ‘to an eminent degree, endowed with the requisite qualifications.’

The electoral college didn’t listen either.

Wow! Ok. How dense is America? These once-valiant celebrities are pouring their hearts out on screen, reading scripted line after scripted line, without even the possibility of winning an Oscar, only to find their words ignored. Rhetoric level now elevated to: ‘Dire Warning, Name Calling Level!‘ Weeks before Trump’s inauguration day, celebrities pleaded with Congress much the same professing that the “majority of Americans-regardless of who they voted for-did not vote for: racism, sexism, or for xenophobia. Yet, Donald Trump won.

Will Congress listen to their vapid, unspecified, ad hominems?

Current trends indicate that the celebrity slack-tivism is an utter failure. In fact, so much so, that these political celebrity endorsements have become a negative asset, sinking the very cause they wish to enact. Still many celebrities are blind to the damage caused by their incessant badgering of Americans.

This fact didn’t stop Meryl Streep though. She took to the stage during the recent Golden Globes and began her speech by casting her and the audience of Hollywood celebrities, as “the most vilified segments in American society right now.” Though she has correctly identified that average Americans find her like distasteful, she still framed herself as the victim. “Vilified??

Despite lessons remaining unlearned by many celebrities, there are some rays of hope escaping the toxic, smug infested hills of Hollywood. Some celebrities have read the writing on the wall and witnessed the glaring hypocrisy of many of their cohorts, and they have begun to speak out against it.

Randy Quaid, in an open letter to Meryl Streep, stated “…The reason you’re heartbroken is because you and many other celebrities who share your beliefs realized on November 8th that the corporate media agenda has failed you and you failed it.

Norm Macdonald tweeted his opposition to Streep’s pretentious elevation of ‘the art’ of acting over other entertainment professions like MMA and football.

Even Mark Wahlberg in December of 2016, when asked for comment on celebrities in politics said, “A lot of celebrities did, do, and shouldn’t…You know, it just goes to show you that people aren’t listening to that anyway,” he continued. “They might buy your CD or watch your movie, but you don’t put food on their table. You don’t pay their bills. A lot of Hollywood is living in a bubble.

Celebrities on the left will continue to refuse to humble themselves and perform the necessary self-reflection in order to become an influential voice. In the meantime, the rest of America, working to put food on the table, will continue to sift past the garbage of celebrity politicking, and fill themselves on the aspects of America that truly makes her great.

The Installment of Silence

The Installment of Silence
“The distrust of wit is the beginning of tyranny.” ― Edward Abbey

In the wake of a massive ideological shift in America, what has been the response of the online goliaths of media? Have they confessed any intellectual impotences in their argument? Have the leftist outlets sought to open up dialogue, taking an honest approach to understanding the sentiments, positions, and reasons of more than half of the country who strongly disagree with their collectivist ideology?

The mainstream outlets and aggregators have begun to clear an old trail, a trail all too familiar to history’s long, dark suppression of ideas. They are instituting new-age, dimming policies in an effort to snuff out those who dare express an alternative perspective to their own.

The most damaging authoritarian implementation of this censorship comes from Facebook’s commitment to fight ‘fake news.’ Instead of mark-zuckerberg-meets-with-chinaletting Facebook’s many users compete in the free market of ideas, Facebook has literally taken a play out of the Chinese-style, censorship playbook. Mark Zuckerberg  met with China’s chief propagandist in March of 2016, and today, Facebook has undergone assessments to determine ‘if the web sites that are the source of stories flagged by the community come from a legitimate media organization or a site that masquerades as one.’

You may recall the alternative media trounced the mainstream narratives in 2016 victoriously mounting meme battles, which delivered witty facts in a quick and impactful way. Likewise, many new voices in alternative media have built large, successful platforms that generate true journalism in the free market of ideas. Facebook has now made a public decree to disappear those whom disseminate news that contradicts Big Brother.

Even if you are concerned with untruths circulating the inter-webs, in a free society, we should expose the worst ideas to the most amount of sunlight. In this way, these ideas crumble where all can see; thus, these bad ideas or complete falsehoods are blocked from traveling underground only to resurface later in horrifying ways.

Perhaps no media outlet is suffering a bigger defeat in 2016 than Vice. Vice’s platform is one that attempts to mesh truly eye opening journalism from across the globe with trendy, counter-culture taboos, like indulging in weed and pornography as a life-style choice.

vice-picSince one side of Vice’s dual mission has delivered mega truth bombs on a wide variety of current events for a couple of decades now, they have, in turn, generated a more savvy millennial subscriber who seeks hard fought journalistic content not produced by the other mainstream media outlets. These subscribers are often very engaged in deconstructing mainstream narratives. But there in lies the problem for Vice. With a more intelligent subscriber base, Vice’s audience have a greater bullshit detector and a more vocalized voice in which to express it than those of other mainstream media outlets.

Vice is suffering brand destabilizing damages in their comment’s section on their website. Just gaze upon one such example found on their Facebook page. It’s more common than not to find that the top trending comments are engagingly critical of the article’s position. So much so in fact, the top comments often collectively have a larger number of ‘likes’ than the article itself. Vice may not be able to disable the comments section on Facebook, but that hasn’t stopped them from silencing feedback and ideas on their own site. They have publicly declared the end of their own comments section on their website. This is a strong admission that they have lost the intellectual debate, and they know it.


Even news aggregator giant, Reddit, has taken the low road of deceit since the election of Donald Trump. Last month, Reddit CEO, Steve Huffman, reluctantly confessed his  personal attempt of censorship. Huffman altered members of “The_Donald” subreddit’s posts ‘without their knowledge or consent’.steve-hoffman-ceo-of-reddit

As the CEO, I shouldn’t play such games, and it’s all fixed now. Our community team is pretty pissed at me, so I most assuredly won’t do this again,” Huffman wrote.

Though Reddit does disavow this failed, covert act of censorship, they do not disavow censorship itself. Instead, they have doubled down, taking on a more overt style of squashing dissent. In a followup article, Business Insider describes Reddit as ‘now taking a more hands-on approach in monitoring the tone of the site and disciplining users who are out of line — even if they don’t merit being kicked off the site entirely. They can now also warn users for bad behaviour, or give them “timeouts,” as well as permanent bans.’

The giant players in charge of the facilitation of free debate in the modern day town square  of the internet have resigned from this role, and instead, they have assumed the role of guillotine operator of ideas. As the establishment media continues forward finding themselves on the losing side of the debate, we will witness much more chilling acts of censorship, silencing any popular and enlightened, opposing view.

Retrofitting a Legacy, Pt. 2 – The Marijuana Obstacle

Retrofitting a Legacy, Pt. 2 – The Marijuana Obstacle

Junkie. Pothead. That’s where I’d been headed; the final fatal role of the would-be black man…” – Barack Obama

In the previous post, Retrofitting a Legacy, examples were given of outgoing President Obama’s attempts to appeal to millennials. The White House is targeting millenials through memes and media outlets such as Vice to deliver the message of a ‘cool’ presidency that was. A presidency that saw an actual fulfillment of the ‘hope and change’ that was promised to the hazy, dewy-eyed faces of millennials.

marijuana-favorability-poll-numbersBarack Obama smoked weed into his early adulthood, much like that of millennials today. In fact, according to Pew Research, “Millennials – those ages 18 to 35 in 2016 – are more than twice as likely to support legalization of marijuana as they were in 2006 (71% today, up from 34% in 2006), and are significantly more likely to support legalization than other generations.”President Obama knows this information. As witnessed in the picture above, as well as what was written by his very own, sticky icky fingers, Barry Obama was a giant pothead. Instant credibility with the majority of millennials… he’s just like us!

There’s just one problem, if he’s been president for 8 years, why is marijuana still illegal to smoke in the vast majority of states? How come young adults are still seeing massive incarceration rates for non-violent drug offenses? Wouldn’t this president, one who has long indulged in the exact same recreation, yearn for the day when he could finally do something about it? At least, if for nothing else, he’d want to evade the glaringly massive hypocrisy of partaking in an illegal activity for years and then forbiding others from doing the same. An activity so illegal, that, had he been arrested for it, it would have hindered him from becoming president in the first place. Surely, this president would do anything in his power to change this law…

In a recent Rolling Stone article from Nov. 29, 2016, President Barack Obama said the following when asked about legalizing marijuana, “But I do believe that treating this as a public-health issue, the same way we do with cigarettes or alcohol, is the much smarter way to deal with it. Typically how these classifications are changed are not done by presidential edict but are done either legislatively or through the DEA.” 

obama-smoking-weed-jointOk, Obama definitely just passed the buck off to the DEA or congress. So, if only they can reclassify marijuana away from it’s current Schedule I Controlled Substances Act classification, then who appoints the chief of the DEA? The president does. If Barack Obama desired that marijuana be reclassified, he could have selected someone who shares his views to head the DEA. But he didn’t. Better still, Obama consciously chose against it.

Even though he decided not to pursue marjiuana classification, can we really hold Obama solely accountable for all the non-violent drug offenders’ sentences  being carried out during his presidency? Yes, actually we can.

ron-paul-speaks-to-about-pardoning-non-violent-drug-offendersDuring his 2012 presidential run, then Congressman, Ron Paul, weighed in on how, constitutionally, as president, he would handle this very situation. Adam Kokesh of RT asked, “So are you saying that you would pardon all non-violent [drug] offenders?” Ron Paul responded, “If somebody is in prison, for non-violence drug uses, never committed a hard crime, yes. They should be pardoned, and they should be let out.

President Barack Obama has this very power right now. But instead of delivering Americans, in particular the youth, a solid appointment of someone empathetic to the legalization of marijuana, and unshackeling millions of downtroddened Americans through a presidential pardon, Obama has remained cowardice and done neither.

But don’t be disillusioned, he won’t remain silent on the issue. We will continue to see retrofitting strategies, much like the excuses in the Rolling Stone article, implemented on millennials to view these failures as ‘simply insurmountable obstacles’ that are out of the scoop of president, and his cowardice and hypocrisy will be framed as an ever-championing, step-by-step progression towards justice.

Retrofitting a Legacy

Retrofitting a Legacy

Looking at the Obama Administration objectively, what would you say are his accomplishments?

The obvious one that comes to mind is Obamacare. How did that work? Let’s just say, with insurance premiums skyrocketing, this nauseating, often tearful, cornerstone of his legacy is not drawing anticipation of an erected statue in his homage.

Ok, what else? Pundits have mentioned the killing of Osama Bin Laden as a crowning achievement. But does a Nobel Peace Price recipient deem a murder to be a proud staple of his legacy? He shouldn’t. What’s left? A somewhat anemic economy surviving off of life saving, low interest rates, bailouts, and a $10 trillion additional debt. That’s not exactly a robust advancement that will leave a favorable impression with the American people long after he leaves the White House.  What about race relations? Obama was championed as our first, post-racial president who has come to heal a divided nation. How did that turn out? Well, the “Washington Post-ABC News poll found a 55 percent majority saying Obama had done more to divide the country than bring it together.

But Barack Obama instilled an expectation of hope and change on his way in the door. The branding of these terms will always be synomous with Obama. When people quickly scan their minds for evidence of the accomplishment of these promises, they will come up empty. What then? Either an extreme form of cognitive dissonance will set in or the individual will realize Barack Obama’s presidency was a failure.

What can a lame duck president do to assuage this massive disparity between hope and change and what was actually delivered? Retrofit his brand. img_5604

The White House has embarked on a subtle marketing campaign targeting the perception of millennials. Hitting the social media networks like a shattering earthquake, Obama and Biden memes can be seen and felt reverberating ceaselessly for few weeks now. The obvious draw for the adminatration is the associative property of humor linked with the outgoing president and vice president. An association that was not there for you when you saw insurance premiums jump, but one that the president hopes will linger in your mind when you reflect on his presidency.

Millennials love memes. They are incredibly eye catching, and easy to absorb with very little time investment. Plus many are hilarious.

The White House has taken a direct play out of the freshly enacted and extremely successful Donald Trump playbook. As it stands, the WH and the left branch of the establishment have already lost The Great Meme War. Oh yeah, it’s a thing. And Trump has vanquished his enemy by allowing the humor and the organic ingenuity of the internet fight his battles and create an image for him tailored towards millennials. But the Obama administration just now seems to be showing up to the fight with their synthetic attempts.

In addition to memes, Barack Obama has sat down for a soon to air one-on-one with the CEO of Vice, Shane Smith, for a Special Report: A House Divided (HBO). In it, the president and many other top, elected government officials elaborate on their perspective as to why there is some grid lock in Washington. I insert the word ‘some’ here because, although these politicians would try to convince you otherwise, there is far too much bipartisanship in key areas that are destroying the country, war and debt to name a couple.


The goal of this Vice interview is to associate the Obama presidency as not a failed application of hope and change for America, but instead, that of an amiable, in touch president who tirelessly strove to achieve greatness for our country only to be thwarted by a solely fringe, right-wing opposition in Congress. It’s no accident that Vice was given this in-depth interview. Vice caters to millennials, which is a key demographic that elected Obama and one that will be voting for many decades to come.

These efforts are only the beginning of the next 60 day push to repurpose, dust off, and add to a branding image that elected Obama into the White House. Keep an eye out for them; a well distinguished legacy is imperative for a president  and the future of his ideology.

John Oliver’s Here to the Rescue!


Humor is an incredibly powerful persuasion technique. That’s common sense. We’re influenced by those we like, and humor makes us feel good.  But when it’s utilized to frame otherwise perceived humorless and uninteresting topics, such as politics, to a benighted audience, one can easily be lulled into a passive adherent.

A vast majority of millennials will boastfully admit their distaste and disinterest for politics like that of an attitude towards the latest Nickelback single (I know, I know, too easy). Yet, a very loud minority think of themselves as true intellectuals. And, when set against their peers, it’s easy to see why. But they forgot, or were never truly taught, that the key to knowledge is being able to think independently.

Like that of Aristotle succeeding his predecessors of Plato and Socrates, John Oliver has a true advantage of standing on the shoulders of giants before him, namely, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. For a decade and a half, nearly the entire formative years of millennials, these comedians have been satirizing an otherwise treacherous, political landscape to an audience who, under any other condition, would be retreating to a ‘safe space.’screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-7-11-54-pm

The Season Finale of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver aired this past Sunday, 11/13/2016. Starting at 20:30, John said, “He [Donald Trump] is a man who would kick you in the nuts and then tell you that your penis did it. So the press is going to face challenges…You need to support actual journalism by buying a subscription to outlets like the Times or the Post or your local newspaper.

John Oliver made a clear pitch to millennials to buy newspaper subscriptions. He did so by setting the purchase of the newspapers as a weapon against the great enemy of his show for the past year, one who his audience would do nearly anything to stop, Donald Trump. Simple, subtle, framing and pitch, but what was the impact? As pointed out in a previous post, the New York Times 3rd quarter revenue has fallen 95.7%. This is in large part due to its fallacious coverage of then candidate, Donald Trump. So the New York Times is in desparate need of a resurgence.

Well, the New York Times on 11/17/2016 was proud to announce that “…the seven-day period since Election Day, it had a net increase of 41,000 paid subscriptions to its news products, both print and digital…” That is to say, for half of the week outlined above by the New York Times, John Oliver’s message has been driving millennials to fund the Times. Now, this is not the sole driver of the increase in subscriptions, the election itself drove traffic to all media outlets over the past week. But, Oliver’s influence over the self-described intellectuals on the left cannot be overstated. Utilizing his humor, he has an ability to persuade them to action.

John Oliver’s format is the tip of the spear for the left in the new media landscape. The old newspaper chains are losing in the free market. Their subscriptions are way down. But the power of Oliver’s humor is now being concentrated to rescue the fallen media outlets in battle.  For those of us in the information war battling on the front lines, fix your sights on John Oliver (figuratively speaking 😉 ).



Trust, Mainstream Media’s Greatest Enemy

“Life and trust can be lost only once” – Publilius Syrus

The mainstream media failed. It failed to take Donald Trump seriously, it failed to report on his candidacy objectively, and it failed to treat it’s audience as customers as opposed to cattle to be propagandized. And now, the numbers are in to tell the story.

First, let’s take a look at Gallup since they tell the recent history of the mainstream media’s trust with the public. The trends have been in decline for more than a decade, but the tail end shows an acceleration. Not coincidentally, 2015 is when Donald Trump entered the political arena, and as of September 2016, we’ve seen an 8% further descent in the media’s trust.

Back in April 2016, Media Insight Project released their polling on the media’s trust. The results are appalling. They found that only 6% of Americans expressed “a lot of confidence” in the press! That’s less than Congress’s approval rating hovering in the mid-teens.

There are a lot of theories as to the drastic decline. The media has been exposed. As Stefan Molyneux puts it [paraphrasing] “for the first time ever, the people are able to break down stories in real time.” Citizen journalism is on the rise. Every American has access to information and dozens of sources to find many angles and facets to a story. Pictures uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram remove the once flowery, subjective reporting of events to reveal indisputable accuracy. Additionally, social media enables us to break through the once perceived isolation of our own ideas. We can now easily see friends and family who share similar or differing viewpoints and rapidly link sources that strengthen or combat those ideas, policies, and theories. The internet is a free market of ideas, and like all free markets, competition delivers efficiency and finer tuned precision on those ideas.

The mainstream media has been the gatekeepers to knowledge of events and stories for centuries. Following the money, we know where their allegiance resides. But Donald Trump has cultivated an atmosphere that has turbo charged their bias. In the greatest effort to prevent his presidency, they sunk even lower. And the people have noticed.

The Media Research Center (MRC) released a post-election poll depicting the evisceration of trust that formerly laid in center of the media’s utility. They found that “7 in 10 (69%) voters do not believe the news media are honest and truthful.”

These three polls above describe a much deserved and rapid decline in the mainstream media’s trust with America today. Feel energized and emboldened, the truth’s numbers are now in a rapid incline.

The New York Times ‘Rededicates’ to Report ‘Honestly’

After The New York Times reported 95.7 percent fall in quarterly profit AND demonstrated extreme bias against Trump all election season…

a NYT publisher writes:

“As we reflect on this week’s momentous result, and the months of reporting and polling that preceded it, we aim to rededicate ourselves to the fundamental mission of Times journalism. That is to report America and the world honestly, without fear or favor, striving always to understand and reflect all political perspectives and life experiences in the stories that we bring to you.”

Did you catch that? “…aim to rededicateto report America and the world honestly
What have you been doing?!! That’s a P.C. way of saying, “we got caught lying, we’ll try not being so obvious about that going forward.”

This is why only 6% of Americans trust the Mainstream Media.

See the letter read below addressed the the readers.


PBS Vaccine Propaganda for Children

Hey parents, it’s 2:00pm on a Friday afternoon, do you know where your kids are? Well, if your kids are like most, they are sitting in front of the TV watching childhood programming on PBS, Nick Jr., or Disney. But, what are these shows teaching them other than the alphabet and arithmetic?

Click here to view PBS Vaccine Propaganda for Children. In this show, PBS’s Sid the Science Kid is a childhood program designed to promote education on the sciences. But, the below episode is much more than an education; it’s an indoctrination.

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 5.15.36 PMThe episode starts off with a child excited for his grandmother to come to school. Turns out, his grandmother, “a scientist,” has come baring gifts of this year’s flu vaccine. Sid the Science Kids‘ writers intentionally labelled the nurse-practitioner figure, the grandmother, as a ‘scientist.’ Why? Well, calling her a ‘scientist’ immediately evokes a strong sense of credibility with the students, and with anyone for that matter. That’s because a ‘scientist’ adheres to the strictest of standards, the scientific method. Simply calling her a nurse would make her sound like this is just her job to inoculate kids, but calling her a ‘scientist’ means she’s done the tough scientific rigger to know just how the vaccine works and just how “good it is for you.”

The kids are a little apprehensive at first, not because they doubt the effectiveness, but because of the pain of the injection. Don’t worry, a little song and dance cleared that right up for them. The use of song and dance is a powerful tool in overcoming hesitation because children and their parents dissociate the discomfort of the vaccine and any potential adverse risks as non-existent and something to be easily assuaged.
Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 1.27.09 PM

The sole purpose of exposing the content of this episode to young children is to operantly condition them to accept vaccinations annually, but not just at the doctor’s office, but in their school, away from their parents! Sure, all four kids got their permission slips signed, but vaccines are not to be implemented at a government school. If done at all, they should be administered at a doctor’s office or a pharmacy with parents next to their children. This separation of the children from the parents cannot simply be overlooked; it’s a strategic usurpation designed to undermine parents’ rights over time and replace them with the government as the ultimate authority figure.

Further, what if you don’t give the government your permission to inoculate your kid during the school day? What do you think this teacher and the rest of the class will say? “Oh, Johnny, your parents must not love you because they don’t care about your health…” when just the opposite is true. This tactic of school inoculations will create the sting of social ostracization that will drive a wedge between the child and the parent. More parents will opt-in due to this societal pressure.

Maybe the parents who don’t decide to opt their kids in to a flu shot (I never liked the term “opt-out,” as if the default position is that you always take a vaccine) have actually done some research or live in the real world. Throughout the entire episode, the teacher, the ‘scientist,’ and students proudly exclaim how they will be perfectly protected because they got the shot. Hmmm…not according to the CDC they won’t be. Even according to the CDC’s own fudged numbers, the wrong strain of flu was in 81% of flu vaccines in 2014.

“When VE (Vaccine Effectiveness) against all influenza viruses was combined, the overall VE estimate was 19% (95% CI: 7%– 29%). In practical terms, this means the flu vaccine reduced a person’s risk of having to seek medical care at a doctor’s office for flu illness by 19%.” – CDC, 2015 

So, perhaps the parents don’t want to take the risk of their kids acquiring Non-influenza Respiratory Virus Infections, Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Events, Narcolepsy, Alzheimer’s, Anaphylaxis, Febrile Seizures, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and Dystonia, a neurological movement disorder, due to the vaccine for a possible 19% ‘protection’ against the flu. (These adverse reactions are all documented with credible sources here).

As if the song and dance and light hearted cartoon wasn’t enough to convince you to get the shot, the show goes on to show real people receiving a flu vaccine. This again is built in as a reinforcing mechanism that people just like you are taking these steps towards getting vaccinated.

This programming episode was designed for one thing, to increase the profits of PBS’s investors, big pharamceutical companies. They are trying to create a customer for life by conditioning the youth. Also, this show is a reminder for parents to blindly follow their directions and get their kid inoculated each and every year. This type of propaganda is around us all the time, what kind of attention are we paying to it?

Commercialized & Conditioned to Lose Our Rights

You may have noticed by the title that this post is not about the discussion of vaccination and it’s dangers. This video makes the case that our rights are being violated through the use of commercialized propaganda invoking humor, sex, or non-threatening characters coupled with the TSA (Transportation Security Administration).

Everyone has the right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures; yet, the TSA’s fundamental purpose and existence directly violates this right by it’s very nature. From Nazi propaganda to Edward Bernay’s public relations campaigns, governments historically have sponsored and coordinated efforts with major corporations and media outlets to deliver a narrative of acceptance of rights lost in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.

This is just a modern day example of that. Click Commercialized & Conditioned to Lose Our Rights to view now.

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HPV (Human Papillomavirus) & the Vaccines

The Virus and It’s Effect

“There are more than 100 types of HPV, of which at least 13 are cancer-causing (also known as high risk type). Two HPV types (16 and 18) cause 70% of cervical cancers and precancerous cervical lesions.” – World Health Organization, 2013

Annual U.S. Mortality Rate for HPV

About 4,000 per year – CDC, 2014

“The American Cancer Society (ACS) estimates that more than 12,000 new cases of cervical cancer were diagnosed in 2011 and that more than 4,000 patients with cervical cancer died.” Journal of the Advanced Pracititioner in Oncology via PubMed, 2014

A Hoax

Dr. Russell Blaylock HPV“The evidence is that alone, that is all by itself, HPV does not cause cervical cancer. There is no absolute evidence of causation….It has never been proven that the HPV vaccine prevents cervical cancer. That has never been demonstrated.” – Dr. Russell Blaylock, retired neurosurgeon stated on Natural News, 2013

“In sum, our data indicate that newly formed carcinoma-specific karyotypes generate and maintain carcinomas, independent of latent viral sequences or mutations of tumor suppressor genes. Based on our findings it is expected that a vaccine against human papilloma viruses will have no effect on the occurrence of cervical carcinomas.” – Molecular Cytogenetics, 2013

Merck promoted school-entry mandate legislation by serving as an information resource, lobbying legislators, drafting legislation, mobilizing female legislators and physician organizations, conducting consumer marketing campaigns, and filling gaps in access to the vaccine. Legislators relied heavily on Merck for scientific information.” – American Journal of Public Health, 2012

Ok, so cervical cancer is real, but HPV is not the sole cause of it, and the vaccines have not been demonstrated to prevent the HPV that’s allegedly the sole cause of cervical cancer. Well, what then, along with HPV, does facilitate cervical cancer? Risk Factors.

Risk Factors of Cervical Cancer

The Pharmaceutical Industry’s big push is to have prepubescent females (and males) vaccinated against HPV to prevent cervical cancer. However, these children are not even at the stage in their life that cervical cancer is a high threat. People who demonstrate the following risk factors according to National Cancer Institute, 2014 are those at exceedingly higher risk of cervical cancer:

  • Giving birth to many children.
  • Having many sexual partners.
  • Having first sexual intercourse at a young age.
  • Smoking cigarettes.
  • Using oral contraceptives (“the Pill”).

HPV Vaccines

“Two HPV vaccines available (Gardasil® and Cervarix®) which protect against the types of HPV infection that cause most cervical cancers (HPV types 16 and 18). Both vaccines should be given as a three-shot series.” – CDC, 2014

These two vaccines allegedly prevent HPV, which may cause cancer when you have increased risk factors. When performing the risk vs. reward assessment of  whether to take a vaccine, the positive outcomes must far out weigh any potential down side. So, what dangers and adverse effects do the HPV vaccines themselves pose?

Adverse Events Following HPV Vaccination

Baring in mind always, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is completely voluntary and the majority of cases that occur will never go reported. The below side effects have become horrific nightmares to hundreds of families in America and England.

Documented Adverse Reactions

  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis (potentially life-threatening complications from diabetes)
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) (motor neurone disease)
  • Lou Gehrig’s Disease
  • Meningoencephaliti (inflammation of the brain)
  • Pulmonary Embolisms (blockage of the main artery of the lung)
  • Blood clots to the lung
  • Cardiac-related deaths
  • Sepsis related to influenza B (chemicals released triggering inflammatory responses)
  • Seizure disorders
  • Life-disabling Autoimmune conditions
  • Paralysis
  • Bell’s Palsy (paralyzes the face)
  • Hemiparesis (paralyzes or severely weakens half the body)
  • Hypoesthesia (loses sense of touch)
  • Guillain-Barré syndrome (paralyzes the legs)
  • Convulsions
  • Epileptic fit

VAERS ( Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) received 12,424 reports of AEFIs  (Adverse Events Following Immunization) following qHPV distribution, a rate of 53.9 reports per 100,000 doses distributed. A total of 772 reports (6.2% of all reports) described serious AEFIs, including 32 reports of death.” – Journal of the American Medical Association, 2009

Of the 32 reported deaths “14 of the deceased had only received the HPV vaccine, while others had received multiple vaccines. The average age of the girls who died was 18, and causes of death varied widely — including two cases of diabetic ketoacidosis, one case related to prescription drug abuse, one case of juvenile amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease, one case of meningoencephalitis, three pulmonary embolisms or blood clots to the lung, six cardiac-related deaths, one case of sepsis related to influenza B and two because of seizure disorders. Four deaths were unexplained.” – The New York Times, 2009

“We documented here the evidence of the potential of the HPV vaccine to trigger a life-disabling autoimmune condition. The increasing number of similar reports of post HPV vaccine-linked autoimmunity and the uncertainty of long-term clinical benefits of HPV vaccination are a matter of public health that warrants further rigorous inquiry.” – American Journal of Reproductive Immunology via PubMed, 2013

Gardasil Good Morning AmericaThree doctors on ABC’s Good Morning America, 2009 admit they don’t know enough about the vaccine and whether or not it is even safe. Further, one of the doctor’s confesses that he will not be giving it to his 11 year old daughter.

Gardasil CNN

CNN, 2009 reported that “Two months after getting the shot, Taqueria says she got a rash on her face and arms, leaving these scars. She had swelling all over; pain in her joints and poor circulation in her fingertips. Her doctor told us she now suffers from an auto-immune disease, and says it is possible that Gardasil triggered her illness. Though she made it clear, the cause could not be proven.”

CBS GardasilThere are countless numbers of personal testimonials of young women being permanently damaged by Gardasil all over Youtube. Additionally, at the time of this CBS, 2009 report, there had been 5,021 Emergency Room visits because of Gardasil, and if the damage isn’t bad enough, the manufacturers and the CDC are now beginning to recommend this vaccine for boys.

“WAUKESHA, Wisc. — A 12-year-old Wisconsin girl died just hours after she went to the doctor for a sore throat, and while there, received the HPV vaccine…That day, Rebecca Prohaska took her daughter to the doctor for a sore throat. While they were there, at about 10:30 or 11:00 a.m., Meredith got her first HPV vaccine.” – Fox News 4 Kansas City, 2014

In England, Ceravix vaccine had similar adverse reactions. Of the 1,340 reports, among them, “There were several cases of paralysis. One had Bell’s palsy, which paralyzes the face; one had hemiparesis, which paralyzes or severely weakens half the body; two experienced hypoesthesia, in which the sufferer loses much of her sense of touch, and one had Guillain-Barré syndrome, which paralyses the legs” and “four girls had convulsions, one had a seizure and one had an epileptic fit.” – The UK Daily Mail, 2009

“Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency had 8,228 adverse reaction reports in 10 years – only estimated 10 per cent of real tally” – The UK Daily Mail, 2015

Rotavirus & the Vaccines

The Virus and It’s Effect

“Rotavirus is a contagious virus that can cause gastroenteritis (inflammation of the stomach and intestines). Symptoms include severe watery diarrhea, often with vomiting, fever, and abdominal pain.” – CDC, 2014

Annual U.S. Mortality Rate for Rotavirus

Between 20-60 deaths per year – CDC, 2014

Rotavirus Pre-Vaccine Deaths

The Dangers of the Vaccines

The Current Rotavirus Vaccines, Rotarix & RotaTeq

Below are the two vaccines that currently administered in the U.S:

RotaTeq® (RV5) is given in 3 doses at ages 2 months, 4 months, and 6 months.
Rotarix® (RV1) is given in 2 doses at ages 2 months and 4 months.

Rotarix (RV1)

“From 2008 through April 2012, VAERS received 58 reports of confirmed intussusception following Rotarix.” – CDC, 2014

Intussusception is a process in which a segment of intestine invaginates into the adjoining intestinal lumen, causing bowel obstruction. With early diagnosis, appropriate fluid resuscitation, and therapy, the mortality rate from intussusception in children is less than 1%. If left untreated, however, this condition is uniformly fatal in 2-5 days.” – Medscape, 2014

RotaTeq (RV5)

Increased the Side Effects vs Placebo – FDA, 2014
  • Diarrhea (24.1% vaccine vs 21.3% placebo)
  • Vomiting (15.2% vaccine vs 13.6% placebo)
  • Ear infection (14.5% vaccine vs 13.0% placebo)
  • Runny nose and sore throat (6.9% vaccine vs 5.8% placebo)
  • Wheezing and coughing (1.1% vaccine vs 0.7% placebo)

Also, RV5 vaccine has been shown to have a shedding effect of the virus within just a couple days of the infants vaccination. Viral shedding refers to the “process that occurs when a virus is present in bodily fluids or open wounds and can thereby be transmitted to another person, as with herpetic lesions,” according to The Free Dictionary, 2015.

“Vaccine-type rotavirus was detected in all 50 antigen-positive specimens and 8 of 8 antigen-negative specimens. Nine (75%) of 12 EIA-positive and 1 EIA-negative samples tested culture-positive for vaccine-type rotavirus. Fecal shedding of rotavirus vaccine virus after the first dose of RV5 occurred over a wide range of post-vaccination days not previously studied.” – Vaccine, 2011

“We document here the occurrence of vaccine-derived rotavirus (RotaTeq [Merck and Co, Whitehouse Station, NJ]) transmission from a vaccinated infant to an older, unvaccinated sibling, resulting in symptomatic rotavirus gastroenteritis that required emergency department care.” – Journal of Pediatrics, 2009

“The analyses included 507,874 first doses and 1,277,556 total doses of RV5…The number of excess cases of intussusception per 100,000 recipients of the first dose of RV5 was significantly elevated, both in the primary analysis (attributable risk, 1.1 [95% confidence interval, 0.3 to 2.7] for the 7-day risk window and 1.5 [95% CI, 0.2 to 3.2] for the 21-day risk window) and in the secondary analysis (attributable risk, 1.2 [95% CI, 0.2 to 3.2] for the 21-day risk window).” – The New England Journal of Medicine, 2014

The Former Rotavirus Vaccine

RotaShield (RRV-TV)

“On July 16, 1999, CDC recommended that health-care providers suspend use of the licensed rhesus-human rotavirus reassortant-tetravalent vaccine (RRV-TV) (RotaShield®, Wyeth Laboratories, Inc.” due to increased risk of Intussusception).” – CDC, 2004

“Assuming full implementation of a national program of vaccination with RRV-TV, we estimated that 1 case of intussusception attributable to the vaccine would occur for every 4670 to 9474 infants vaccinated.” – New England Journal of Medicine, 2001

Pneumococcal Disease & the Vaccines

The Virus

“Pneumococcus is the most common cause of bloodstream infections, pneumonia, meningitis, and middle ear infections in young children.” – CDC, 2013

Pneumococcus can cause types of infections:

Pneumonia – an infection of the lungs that is a common bacterial complication of influenza and measles. The case-fatality rate is 5%–7% and may be much higher among elderly persons. Complications of pneumococcal pneumonia include empyema (i.e., infection of the pleural space), pericarditis (inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart), and endobronchial obstruction, with atelectasis and lung abscess formation.
Ear infections
Sinus infections
Bacteremia – blood stream infection
Meningitis – the inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord

  • Bacterial Meningitis – can be contagious but most is not, and some bacteria can spread through the exchange (e.g., by kissing) of respiratory and throat secretions (e.g., saliva or mucus)
  • Viral Meningitis – the most common type and is less severe than bacterial meningitis, and most people usually get better on their own. Can be spread by coming in close contact with someone who is infected
  • Parasitic Meningitis – a very rare form where the parasite enters the body through the nose and is caused by the microscopic ameba that causes a brain infection that is usually fatal
  • Fungal Meningitis – rare and usually the result of spread of a fungus through blood to the spinal cord. Those with HIV infection or cancer, are at higher risk
  • Non–infectious Meningitis – not spread from person to person; instead, it’s caused by cancers, systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus), certain drugs, head injury, and brain surgery

Meningitis Outbreaks the Last DecadeSource: USA Today, 2014

It’s Effect

“The major types of pneumococcal disease are pneumonia (lung infection), bacteremia (blood infection), and meningitis (infection of the covering of the brain and spinal cord). Less severe clinical diseases include ear and sinus infections.” – CDC, 2013

“In the United States, about 90% of invasive pneumococcal disease cases are in adults.” – CDC, 2013

Annual U.S. Mortality Rate for Pneumococcus

Between 45,000 – 65,000 deaths per year

Pneumococcal pneumonia kills between 45,000 – 63,000 people in the U.S. or about 1 out of 20 people who get it – CDC, 2013 & CDC, 2014

Pneumococcal meningitis kills nearly 1800 people in the U.S. or about 3 people in 10 who get it. – CDC, 2013 & CDC, 2014

Pneumococcal bacteremia kills nearly 300 people in the U.S or about 1 person in 5 who get it. – CDC, 2013 & CDC, 2014

 The Vaccines, PCV13 & PSV23

PCV13 (Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine)

“There are more than 90 types of pneumococcal bacteria. PCV13 protects against 13 of them. These 13 strains cause most severe infections in children and about half of infections in adults.” – CDC, 2014

“PCV13 is routinely given to children at 2, 4, 6, and 12–15 months of age.” – CDC, 2014

One of the many admitted side effects is that “about 1 out of 3 had a mild fever, and about 1 in 20 had a higher fever (over 102.2°F).” – CDC, 2014

PPSV23 (Pneumococcal Polysaccharide)

“Pneumococcal disease is caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria. Pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPSV) protects against 23 types of pneumococcal bacteria, including those most likely to cause serious disease..” – CDC, 2014

Recommended by CDC for everyone over 65 and those under 65 who have severe cancers and disease

Meningococcal Vaccine Side Effects

The committee concluded the evidence convincingly supports 14 specific vaccine–adverse event relationships. In all but one of these relationships, the conclusion was based on strong mechanistic evidence with the epidemiologic evidence rated as either limited confidence or insufficient.” Of these “14 specific vaccine-adverse event relationships,” 1 of them are from the Meningococcal vaccine.  The symptom that have been confirmed to be convincingly supportive of causal is “Anaphylaxis.” – Committee to Review Adverse Effects of Vaccines; Institute of Medicine, TABLE S-2 – Summary of Causality Conclusions, 2011


US Princeton Meningitis Outbreak FedsPrinceton University Outbreak

In 2013, Princeton University suffered a serogroup B meningococcal outbreak that was “so serious in fact, the CDC is taking the unprecedented move of importing emergency doses of Bexsero, a meningitis vaccine not yet approved for use in this country” according ABC News’ Good Morning America. As stated in the story, this sets an extraordinary precedent to inoculate people during an emergency before our FDA has had a chance to approve its safety.

Nationwide Contaminated Steroid Vaccine Outbreak

“As many as 13,000 people received steroid shots suspected in a national meningitis outbreak, health officials said Monday… Officials don’t know how many of the shots may have been contaminated with meningitis-causing fungus.” – USA Today, 2012

The 17,000 contaminated steroid vials shipped lead to an outbreak totaled 751 reported cases including 64 deaths. – CDC, 2013ABC News Meningitisis

ABC News does early reporting of the manufacturer of the vaccine, New England Compound Center, and health concerns of the outbreak.

In response to these two outbreaks, the FDA and Pfizer saw a tremendous opportunity so they “accelerated the approval of Trumenba, completing the approval process in “well under six months,” the typical time frame for completing even a priority review of a new drug.” – The Washington Post, 2014

Annual U.S. Mortality Rates of the Vaccinated Diseases

The mainstream news media harps endlessly about the perceived benefits of vaccination. It seems nearly impossible to read a news article or listen to a local or national news network on the subject of disease or vaccination without hearing, “the risks of going unvaccinated far out weigh any possible adverse reactions of the vaccine.” This is quickly followed by “vaccines are still the best way to keep you protected from these deadly illnesses.”

In other posts, these adverse reactions are clearly laid out describing how the vaccine is not as benign or uncommon as the media would have you believe. So, just how deadly are these diseases today? You run the risks of adverse reactions to the vaccine because of the fear and supposed knowledge that these diseases are otherwise killing an enormous amount of the population.

Well, below is a T-chart that, unlike proper Accounting practices, does not balance out.

THe Annual Morality Rate in US T Chart (2)

**The sources of the annual death rates on each diseases can be found on that disease’s page by clicking the drop down and selecting “Vaccines and the Virus.” and Non-disease related death sources at the bottom of this page**

If peddling fear and hysteria over these diseases is the correct reaction in order to save lives, then where is the outrage and precaution measures taken to prevent insect stings or unintentional, non-boating drownings? Unintentional, non-boating deaths are nearly identical to that of Hepatitis B in a given year, for example. So, should we be having daily conversations on the safety and efficacy of proper water safety tips, and ensure that all parents and children have take courses and passed tests on these safety tips before entering kindergarten? I don’t think so, but that’s the realty of vaccination culture we permeate in America.

 Pediatric Deaths per Category

The below pie chart according to the National Vital Statistics Reports gives some proportionality of children’s deaths between 1 to 9 years of age. Of the diseases that we take extensive measures to vaccinate against, only Flu and Pneumonia are a large enough category (once combined together) to get a sliver of the pie at 1.9%. So, children have a greater chance of dying of cancer, homicide, heart disease, and unintentional injuries, then they do against the vaccinated diseases.

Child Mortality Pie Chart

Putting Viruses Into Perspective – Top 5 Premature Death Causes

The top 5 causes of premature death in America are not caused by any of viruses we vaccinate against. If we’re going to put so much focus on these viruses, how much more attention should be paid to these causes?

“Five things kill more people in the United States than anything else: heart disease, cancer, lung disease such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis, stroke and unintentional injuries such as those on roads or caused by medication overdoses. Together, these five conditions cause almost two-thirds of all deaths in the country — nearly 900,000 each year.” – CNN, 2014

“Two in three of those born today are likely to develop cancer, experts have warned, after drawing up stark new scientific forecasts.” – The UK Telegraph, 2015

Non-disease related death Sources:

  • “In fact, deaths by snakebite rarely exceed 10 in any given year in this country.” – ABC News, 2008
  • Approx. 14 toy related deaths for children 12 years old or younger (2011-2013) –, 2014 (Consumer Product Safety Commission)
  • Approx. 32 “unintentional pediatric poisonings from drugs and other household chemical substances” for children under 5 years old. “Population data for the years 1994 to 2006 were obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau.” –, 2009
  • Lightning can kill people (3,696 deaths were recorded in the U.S. between 1959 and 2003) or cause cardiac arrest” or an average of 84 deaths annually in the U.S. – National Geographic, 2005
  • “there are 40 to as many as 100 deaths annually from insect-sting-related anaphylaxis.” – ABC News, 2009
  • Approx. 533 electrocution deaths per year (1990-2000) –, 2012
  • Accidental firearm discharges 600 deaths per year – National Vital Statistics Report (NVSR) “Deaths Final Data,” pg. 23,” 2014
  • Approx. 648 ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) deaths per year (2000-2012) –, 2012
  • 2,746 in 2004 Accidental Exposure to Fire, Smoke, and FlamesNational Vital Statistics Report (NVSR)Deaths Final Data,” pg. 24, 2011
  • “From 2005-2009, there were an average of 3,533 fatal unintentional drownings (non-boating related) annually in the United States — about ten deaths per day. An additional 347 people died each year from drowning in boating-related incidents.” – CDC, 2014
  • 28,573 Falling to death around 30 deaths on average for children 4 years old and under – National Vital Statistics Report (NVSR) “Deaths Final Data,” pg. 23,” 2014
  • “The 32,479 traffic fatalities in 2011 were the lowest in 62 years (1949)” – Wikipedia, 2014
  • “In 2008, more than 36,000 people died from drug overdoses, and most of these deaths were caused by prescription drugs” – CDC, 2013

Vaccines and Their Ingredients

This page is dedicated to examining the various types of ingredients added to the vaccines. Each vaccine may not contain all the below ingredients, but they all contain some of these. And whether it is the preservatives, adjuvants, stabilizers, or detoxification agents, they all have documented negative side effects. For more on the specifics on each vaccine, click on the CDC’s “Vaccine Ingredients Sorted by Vaccine  PDF provided on their site. Also, if you want many of the individual vaccine inserts, the Manufacturer’s legal disclaimer, please click on the Institute for Vaccine Safety’s link.


“Preservatives may be defined as compounds that kill or prevent the growth of microorganisms, particularly bacteria and fungi. They are used in vaccines to prevent microbial growth in the event that the vaccine is accidentally contaminated, as might occur with repeated puncture of multi-dose vials.” – FDA, 2014

Thimerosal – 49.55% Mercury

“Mercury is considered by WHO as one of the top ten chemicals or groups of chemicals of major public health concern.” – WHO, 2013

Exists in 3 different forms – Environmental Health Perspectives, 2005:

  • methyl mercury (metallic elements)
  • ethyl mercury (inorganic salts)
  • and phenyl mercury (organic compounds)

Thimerosal is ethyl mercury, which metabolizes in the human body as methyl mercury, and methyl mercury gets stored in the brain as a neurotoxin.Neuroendocrinology Letters, 2005

“The blood–brain barrier is not fully developed until after the first year of life, and methyl mercury can cross this incomplete barrier.” (Rodier 1995) via Neuroendocrinology Letters, 2005

Mercury is a fat soluble metal, and since the brain contains 60% fat, it is a common site for mercury to store. – Dr. Russell Blaylock, 2006

The Scientific Studies on Thimerosal Damage

There are many medical studies that observed negative consequences of thimerosal and mercury on cells.

“Studies on monkeys have shown that ethyl mercury, like mercury vapor, crosses the cell membranes and is then converted intracellularly to inorganic mercury, which accumulates preferentially in the brain and kidneys” – Neuroendocrinology Letters, 2005

“Since the early 1930s, there has been evidence indicating that thimerosal poses a hazard to the health of human beings and is ineffective as an antimicrobial agent.” – PubMed – National Center for Biotechnology Information, 2014

“The culmination of the research that examines the effects of Thimerosal in humans indicates that it is a poison at minute levels with a plethora of deleterious consequences, even at the levels currently administered in vaccines.” – International Journal of Clinical Chemistry, 2015

“Results indicate that thimerosal exerts some cytotoxic actions on cerebellar granule neurons dissociated from 2-week-old rats and its potency is almost similar to that of methylmercury.” – Toxicology, 2005

“There is no doubt that authorities in the CDC have initiated and participated in a cover-up of vaccine-induced damage from thimerosal to our children—-and this I consider criminal.” – Dr. Boyd Haley, international expert in mercury toxicity – Yahoo News, 2013

“From a cellular perspective, it would appear that the existing scientific literature supports the biological plausibility of a Hg-based (mercury) autism pathogenesis…Nevertheless, research studies identifying Hg’s effects on glial cells and mitochondria that are consistent with findings in autistic patients, lend further support to the Hg-autism hypothesis.” – Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 2011

“We have investigated the toxicology of Thimerosal in normal human astrocytes, paying particular attention to mitochondrial function and the generation of specific oxidants. We find that ethylmercury not only inhibits mitochondrial respiration leading to a drop in the steady state membrane potential, but also concurrent with these phenomena increases the formation of superoxide, hydrogen peroxide, and Fenton/Haber-Weiss generated hydroxyl radical.” – Journal of Toxicology, 2012

Haber–Weiss Reaction – generates OH (hydroxyl radicals) from H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) and superoxide (O2-). This reaction can occur in cells and is therefore a possible source for oxidative stress. Oxidative Stress is thought to be involved in the development of cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, atherosclerosis, heart failure, myocardial infarction, fragile X syndrome, Sickle Cell Disease, lichen planus,  vitiligo, autism, infection, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Hearing Before the Congressional Committee on Government Reform

thimerosalTo the left is a Congressional Testimonial on September 8, 2004 of both the FDA and CDC . In it, Congressman Dan Burton, IN (R), questions why mercury is being put in the vaccine despite the fact that there are have been no studies on thimerosal since 1929.

That only study in 1929 was by provided the pharmaceutical Eli Lilly and Company themselves, the patent holder for thimerosal. They only tested thimerosal on 22 patients with meningococcal meningitis. All those of patients died. – The American Journal of Public Health, 2005

So for 75 years we have relied on one study provided by the manufacturer in which all the patients died as testment to thimerosal’s safety and efficacy. Does this sound like the type of acceptable scientific study needed for you to put a known neurotoxin into your own body or your kids?


1 ppm = 1000 ppb =1 μg/ml = 1000 μg/L
1 microgram (mcg) or (μg) = 0.001 μg/g (milligram) = 1000 ppb

IQ Loss Due to Mercury

It has been long held science and common knowledge that mercury impedes the brain’s cognitive abilities. But, the following sources and government agencies have clearly laid out just how little can be absorbed safely by the body, and if exceeded, just how devastating the effects can be on the brain.

 “Anything above 0.0001 mg/kg-day or 10 μg is neurotoxic.” – EPA, 2001

20 ppb or 0.002mg/L of mercury (inorganic) is acceptable in drinking water. – EPA, 2012 Edition of the Drinking Water Standards and Health Advisories, 2012

National blood mercury prevalence data from CDC found between “316,588 – 637,233 children each year have cord blood mercury levels > 5.8 μg/L, a level associated with loss of IQ.” – Environmental Health Perspectives, 2005

“IQ losses linked to mercury range from one-fifth of an IQ point to as much as 24 points.” – CBS News, 2005

“4 percent of babies, or about 180,000, are born each year with blood mercury levels between 7.13 and 15 micrograms per liter. That level of mercury, the group concluded, causes a loss of 1.6 IQ.” – CBS News, 2005

Two types of Flu shots

Today, your doctor and pharmacy will trumpet that the Flu Shot is ‘thimerosal-free,’ so as to overcome the mercury hesitation that you might have had. But, the thimerosal ‘free’ vaccine still has thimerosal in it, just at a reduced amount.

(thimerosal /‘thimerosal -free’) –, 2013
thimerosal – 25,000 ppb or 25 μg
‘thimerosal -free’ – > 3,000 ppb or > 3 μg
(thimerosal may still contain thimerosal)

Frank B. Engley, Jr., PhDHere is the CDC‘s list of all Flu vaccines on the market and whether they contain thimerosal or not.

In an extensive interview, Frank B. Engley, Jr., PhD, who served as a trusted consultant to several government agencies including the FDA, CDC, CIA, NASA, Armed Forces Epidemiological Board (AFEB), and National Council of the NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in the field of microbiology states at 23:37 in the video, “Like when the Chevrolet car, unsafe at any speed. Thimerosal, unsafe at any concentration. We have no proof that the thimerosal trace amount is ineffective. In fact, our work suggested that 3/10th’s of a microgram maybe a 100 to a 1000 times more toxic than the dose we found in tissue culture. Our work with tissue culture was very early, but it has been repeated and repeated and repeated over the past ten years by investigators using much better techniques, and they are finding the thimerosal to be toxic down to parts per billions also.”

Eating Fish

13.32 μg mercury = 12oz serving (4 servings)
“U.S. population consume more than 12 ounces of fish and seafood per week” – EPA via Oceana, 2005

Childbearing Mothers & Their Fetus

“If the health goal is to ensure that fetal blood mercury remains below 5.8 μg/L, then the maternal blood mercury level should be below 3.5 μg/L (5.8/1.7 = 3.5).” – EPA via Oceana, 2005

“The 1999-2002 NHANES survey data show 10 percent of women have blood mercury levels above 3.5 μg/L. Therefore, the population of infants exposed prenatally to methyl mercury above the safe level is roughly twice the number of women with blood mercury above 5.8 μg/L.” – Oceana, 2005

“Currently, ethylmercury (EtHg) and adjuvant-Al (Aluminum) are the dominating interventional exposures encountered by fetuses, newborns, and infants due to immunization with Thimerosal-containing vaccines (TCVs)…Immunological and neurobehavioral effects of Thimerosal-EtHg and Al-adjuvants are not extraordinary; rather, these effects are easily detected in high and low income countries, with co-exposure to methylmercury (MeHg) or other neurotoxicants. Rigorous and replicable studies (in different animal species) have shown evidence of EtHg and Al toxicities.” – International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2015

Ingesting mercury is much safer than inoculation of it; the body has a natural filtration system through the stomach that can clear out of the body much easier than injecting straight into the blood stream, bypassing the body’s natural filters.

Aborted Fetus Cells

“A cell line, according to Dr. Chris Kahlenborn, a Pittsburgh physician, “is a group of cells taken from an animal or human being and put on a petri dish. You usually have to add mitogens – chemicals that stimulate their division.” The cells divide again and agina, and the resulting cultures are kept in stock at the American Type Cultrue Collection, a nonprofit, private organization in Bethesda, Maryland, which provides them to researchers.” – A Vaccine That Infects?, 1996

Yes, it’s true, many of the typical recommended childhood vaccines are cultured using aborted human fetuses. If you’re looking for a good religious exemption reason to opt out of vaccines, this could be it.

“Some childhood vaccines, including the one against rubella — which is part of the MMR vaccine given to millions of children worldwide for measles, mumps and rubella — is cultured in “WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts,” according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s fact sheet on the vaccine’s ingredients…Other common vaccines, including those for chicken pox, hepatitis and rabies, are also propagated in cells originating from legally aborted human fetuses, according to the FDA.” – ABC News, 2015

“Varicella (chickenpox), rubella, hepatitis A, shingles and one preparation of rabies vaccine are all made by growing the viruses in fetal embryo fibroblast cells. Fibroblast cells are the cells needed to hold skin and other connective tissue together. The fetal embryo fibroblast cells used to grow vaccine viruses were first obtained from elective termination of two pregnancies in the early 1960s.” – The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 2014

“Many of our other common vaccines, such as chicken pox, rubella and shingles, have been produced in tissue derived from fetuses, particularly two electively terminated pregnancies from the 1960s.” – CNN, 2015

For more on signing the waiver and opting out of vaccination on Religious grounds, read Vaccine Schedule and Human Response.

Preservative (cont’d)

Polysorbate 80

“Linked to infertility, anaphylactic shock and cancer in mice.” –, 2012

Polysorbate 80 has been identified as a causative agent in anaphylactoid reaction, a life-threatening event that results from an over reactive and misdirected immune response to a substance that’s viewed as foreign. – Annals of Allergy,  Asthma and Immunology, 2005


“Adjuvants are necessary components to warrant the efficacy of vaccines, however the overstimulation of the immune system is also associated with adverse effects.” – International Immunopharmacology, 2014

Even as of 2014, the medical experts still admit that they do not know enough about the health impact of the adjuvants in the vaccines. According to Nanomedicine (London, England), “the mechanism of action of these adjuvants often remains unclear. As more potential vaccine targets are emerging, it is becoming necessary to broaden our knowledge on the factors involved in generating potent immune responses to recombinant antigens with adjuvants.”

“In recent years, four conditions: siliconosis, the Gulf war syndrome (GWS), the macrophagic myofasciitis syndrome (MMF) and post-vaccination phenomena were linked with previous exposure to an adjuvant.” – Journal of Autoimmunity, 2011

“A new syndrome, namely the autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants, has recently been defined alluding to the key role of adjuvant in inducing an immune-mediated condition. Aluminum and silicone, respectively found in vaccines and breast implants, are the most commonly known adjuvants charged with development of autoimmune conditions.” – Immunologic Research, 2013


A single injection in rats triggered “chronic, immune-mediated joint specific inflammation” aka rheumatoid arthritis.American Journal of Pathology, 2000


“Aluminum affects some of the membrane-like functions of the BBB (Blood Brain Barrier). It increases the rate of transmembrane diffusion and selectively changes saturable transport systems without disrupting the integrity of the membranes or altering CNS (Central Nervous System) hemodynamics. Such alterations in the access to the brain of nutrients, hormones, toxins, and drugs could be the basis of CNS dysfunction.” – Neuroscience and Behavioral Reviews, 1989

“Experimental research, however, clearly shows that aluminum adjuvants have a potential to induce serious immunological disorders in humans. In particular, aluminum in adjuvant form carries a risk for autoimmunity, long-term brain inflammation and associated neurological complications and may thus have profound and widespread adverse health consequences. In our opinion, the possibility that vaccine benefits may have been overrated and the risk of potential adverse effects underestimated, has not been rigorously evaluated in the medical and scientific community.” – Current Medicinal Chemistry, 2011

“Our results show that: (i) children from countries with the highest ASD prevalence appear to have the highest exposure to Al (Aluminum) from vaccines; (ii) the increase in exposure to Al adjuvants significantly correlates with the increase in ASD prevalence in the United States observed over the last two decades (Pearson r=0.92, p<0.0001); and (iii) a significant correlation exists between the amounts of Al administered to preschool children and the current prevalence of ASD in seven Western countries, particularly at 3-4 months of age (Pearson r=0.89-0.94, p=0.0018-0.0248).” – Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 2011

“In spite of a common view that aluminum (Al) salts are inert and therefore harmless as vaccine adjuvants or in immunotherapy, the reality is quite different…Autoimmune and inflammatory responses affecting the CNS (Central Nervous System) appear to underlie some forms of neurological disease, including developmental disorders.” – Immunotherapy, 2014

“A new Canadian study of the mechanisms of aluminum adjuvant toxicity in pediatric patients confirms that immune challenges during early development, including those vaccine-induced, can lead to permanent detrimental alterations of the brain and immune system function.” – Lupus – Sage Journals, 2012

“Our own studies have shown a strong association between aluminum-containing vaccines and seizures as an adverse reaction [157]. Hence, aluminum, if not the primary cause, must nevertheless promote the encephalitic state associated with ASD (autism spectrum disorder).” – Entropy, page 386, 2013

“Given macrophages acting as highly mobile “Trojan horses” [107], the Khan et al. warning suggests that cumulative Al (aluminum) from repeated doses in vaccines can produce the cognitive deficits associated with long-term encephalopathies and degenerative dementias in humans.” – Journal of Toxicology, page 8, 2014

Linked to Gulf War Illness – A wide range of acute and chronic symptoms have been linked to it, including fatigue, muscle pain, cognitive problems, rashes, and diarrhea. “The findings suggest a possible role for the aluminum adjuvant in some neurological features associated with GWI and possibly an additional role for the combination of adjuvants. “- NeuroMolecular Medicine, 2007

Detoxification Additive


Formaldehyde “is used to inactivate bacterial products for toxoid vaccines, (these are vaccines that use an inactive bacterial toxin to produce immunity.” – CDC, 2011

“Formaldehyde is used to detoxify diphtheria and tetanus toxins or to inactivate a virus.” – American Academy of Pediatrics, 2013

“Even today, widely used vaccines, such as diphtheria, tetanus, inactivated polio, and whole cell pertussis, and even some of the newly developed acellular pertussis vaccines are produced using formaldehyde or other chemical treatments to inactivate the toxin and/or kill the microorganisms that are present in the vaccine (4, 5).” – Methods in Molecular Medicine, 1996

Formaldehyde is classified as a carcinogen. – Cancer, 2011

“In 1987, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classified formaldehyde as a probable human carcinogen under conditions of unusually high or prolonged exposure” the following agree that Formaldehyde is carcinogenic – HHS’s National Toxicology Program, 2011; National Cancer Institute (NCI) since the 1980’s; The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IRAC), 2004; National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has set the exposure limit at 0.75ppm in 1992.


Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

MSG, which can be found in potato chips, fast food, and vaccines, has been documented to lead to obesity as well as neurotoxicity in the brain. When added to a vaccine, MSG is used “to help the vaccine remain unchanged when the vaccine is exposed to heat, light, acidity, or humidity,” according to the  CDC, 2011.

Prenatal Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) treatment given through the mother’s diet causes behavioral deficits in rat offspring – “Three main effects were observed in the MSG exposed offspring: (1) juvenile obesity; (2) reduced general activity levels; (3) a specific type of learning disability in discrimination learning involving choice between simultaneously present positive and negative stimuli.” – International Journal of Neuroscience, 1984

“This paper has reviewed information pertaining to an interesting group of amino acids–glutamate, aspartate, and certain of their structural analogs, some of which are neurotransmitter candidates, and all of which have both neuroexcitatory and neurotoxic activities. Evidence for the excitotoxic concept, which holds that an excitatory and possibly synapse-related mechanism underlies the neurotoxicity of these compounds, is presented.” – PubMed -National Center for Biotechnology Information, 1982

Vaccines and Money

Revolving Door/Conflict of Interest

The vaccine industry is worldwide with significant profit margins. It’s no wonder then that when an already manufactured, researched and designed, patented vaccine comes up for approval on efficacy and safety, the manufacturer wants it fast-tracked and promoted as life saving by the government. What better way to do that than have your former employee take over a valuable new role at the CDC. Or vice-versa, reward a former high ranking CDC employee, who comes with the full knowledge and connections of the CDC, with a high ranking position at your manufacturing company. That is exactly what’s at play in the vaccine industry. It’s business as usual merging big government with big business.

Dr. Julie Gerberding

Dr. Julie Gerberding, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was named president of Merck & Co Inc's vaccine divisionFormer CDC Director, Dr. Julie Gerberding, was named president of Merck & Co Inc’s Vaccine Division. – Reuters, 2009

Former CDC director from 2002 – 2009
She will be in charge of Merck’s Global Vaccine Business, which is worth $5 billion.

Julie Gerberding sold 38,368 shares of Merck Stock for $2.3 Million on 5/8/2015. – Nasdaq, 2015

Dr. Thomas Verstraeten

Former CDC researcher, Dr. Thomas Verstraeten, now works for GlaxoSmithKline in Belguim. – USA Today, 2003 He left the CDC in 2001.

Dr. Sam Katz


Dr. Sam Katz, CDC advisory committee chair, was a paid consultant for most of the major vaccine makers and shares a patent on a measles vaccine with Merck. – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,, 2011 & Rolling Stone, 2011

Professor Anne Kelso

Prof Anne KelsoProfessor Anne Kelso, one of the board members of WHO (World Health Organization), has disclosed that she has a “shareholding (significant) of the company CSL Limited;” yet, WHO has allowed her to remain on the board.

Professor Kelso - WHO - Conflict of Interest

Dr. Paul Offit

paul_offit_IIDr. Paul Offit is famous for saying, a “healthy infant could safely get up to 10,000 vaccines at once” makes a fortune off of defending vaccines. – Huffington Post, 2011

He was a consultant for Merck, holding a $1.5 million dollar at Children’s Hospital funded by Merck. – CBS News, 2008

Dr. Offit is the patent holder of the Rotavirus vaccine, Rotateq, which sold for $182 million.CBS News, 2008 How much of that money was his cut is unknown.

He is affiliated with several industry-funded organizations like Parent of Kids with Infectious Diseases (PKIDs) and Every Child by Two (ECBT).

“In this country we just don’t think it’s your inalienable right to catch and transmit a potentially fatal infection and so we at least put that one hoop you have to jump through which is mandatory vaccination.” Dr. Paul Offit – BBC News, 2013

Greasing the Pockets

The CDC Foundation has received three grants totaling $13.5 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation…The grants will enable the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to work in collaboration with partners to advance the implementation of meningitis and rotavirus vaccines, ensuring global disease protection.” – CDC Foundation, 2013

“The CDC is refusing to answer Channel 2 Action News’ questions about a high-ranking employee who served on the board of a now-defunct nonprofit that’s been the subject of a series of scandals…Within a few years, her nonprofit was also done, and gone was the more than $3 million in federal grants it had gotten from the CDC here in Atlanta.” – ABC – WSB-TV Atlanta, 2015

According to the United State Attorney’s Office, 2011, “ATLANTA, GA –  POUL THORSEN, 49, of Denmark, has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of wire fraud and money laundering based on a scheme to steal grant money the CDC had awarded to governmental agencies in Denmark for autism research.”  The amount Thorsen stole exceeds $1 million. Facing up to 260 years in prison and $22.5 million in fines, as of now, 3 years later, Throsen still remains free for now.

“China has fined the British pharmaceuticals giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) $488.8 million (3 billion Yuan) for a “massive bribery network” to get doctors and hospitals to use its products…The police said it is believed Reilly authorized his salespeople to pay doctors, hospital officials and health institutions to use GSK’s products since 2009.” – ABC News, 2014

The Vaccine Court

The Vaccine Court has awarded nearly $2 billion dollars for vaccine-injury claims in nearly 2,500 cases since 1989. – Reuters, 2011

It’s funded by a tax on immunizations, which $0.75. But just who pays that tax, the vaccine manufacturers? no. The person who is receiving the vaccine pays for that tax. So, not only does the vaccine court strip financial responsibility away from the manufacturer, but additionally, they aren’t even directly taxed to pay for the vaccine court.

The Money in Vaccines

The vaccine industry give millions to the Academy of Pediatrics; the true numbers are kept secret, but bits and pieces reveal the following. These direct contributions could be looked at like bribes, and they work in much the same way various lobbing groups sponsor a politicians campaign. They don’t give away money because it’s charitable; they do it for something in return.CBS Money in Vaccines

Vaccine Industry Contributions. – CBS News, 2008

  • $342,000 from Wyeth
  • $433,000 from Merck

Undisclosed amount from Sanofi Aventis.

CBS reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, discusses the conflicts of interest in the vaccine industry in a CBS News report.

Examples of Enormous Profits

There is nothing wrong with private companies earning large profits for products people are willing to pay for by their own free will. However, big pharma and our federal government fear monger and use color-of-law tactics, that dupe people into believing that it is against the law to refuse vaccination. No better example is there than the CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule for children 6 and under. People actually believe that they must give their kids all the shots in order to attend school. This is not the case, and for more on your particular states exemptions visit Vaccines and the Human Response.

The conflicts of interest that are prevalent among influenza experts “is not at all surprising to me,” says Dr. John Bartlett, founding director of the Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies at Johns Hopkins Unviersity, “since the people in medicine who know most about flu are often conflicted because they also are advisors to pharma and often do the big trials that are funded by pharma.” – ABC News, 2010

Below are a couple of examples that illustrate the size and scope of the vaccine market. The current world vaccine market is around $33 Billion a year and predicted to grow at a rate of more than 5 times The World Banks‘ calculated global growth rate of 2.6%.

“The vaccines market is expected to reach $57,885.4 million by 2019 from $33,140.6 million in 2014, at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 11.8%.” –, 2015

Flu vaccines report an annual of $7 billion in the industry in 2009. – The Wall Street Journal, 2009 That’s just one vaccine.

The Rotarix Vaccine (one of two Rotavirus vaccines) has “an estimated 69 million doses of the vaccine have been administered globally. Worldwide sales of the vaccine in 2009 were $425 million, the company said, with $115 million in the U.S.” – Los Angeles Times, 2010

Health Officials Manufacture Crisis for Profit

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Health Committee, spoke in a parliamentary hearing about “The handling of the H1N1 pandemic: more transparency needed?”, 2010. In his speech, he explained how the H1N1 pandemic of ’08-’09 was purposefully over blown for the purpose of profit.

“It is only this change [the new definition of “pandemic”] that made it possible to transform a relatively mild flu into a worldwide pandemic, to implement relevant plans, which allowed pharmaceutical companies to transform their contracts with many governments all over the world into cash. Therefore millions of people were vaccinated for no good reason, and children were vaccinated whereas it was not even clear, if the vaccine had a positive effect on them because this was never clinically tested and proven.”  

When NY Times, 2004, reported on a new vaccine for bacterial meningitis, they were reported as stating the following:

“The price of the new vaccine will most likely be $80 a dose. Vaccinating all 40 million people from age 11 to 20, as some experts have suggested, would cost the government $3.5 billion next year…’We don’t have a good track record immunizing adolescents,’ said Dr. Lance Rodewald, director of the immunization services division of the National Immunization Program at the disease centers. Frightening parents about the consequences of failing to vaccinate their children will most likely be part of the campaign. For that task, meningococcal meningitis is ideal.”


The retailers that administer the shots and boast about the vaccines availability in their store through advertisement make a considerable percentage too.

“Flu shots—typically $24.99 to $29.99 at most retailers—carry profit margins between 30% and 50%, analysts say.” – The Wall Street Journal, 2011

Walgreens administered 5.5 million flu shots in 2012 placing it in 2nd behind the federal government. The flu vaccine retails for $30 at Walgreens. The profit margin is 100% for Walgreens; $15 manufacturer whole sale + $15 going to Walgreens according to CDC. –, 2012

Vaccines For Children (VFC) Program

VFC program sponsored by the CDC provides ‘free’ vaccines to eligible children who’s family may be having a hard affording them. It is a network of 61 grantees and 44,000 enrolled providers. In 2010, approx. 82 million VFC vaccine doses were administered to an estimated 40 million children at a cost of $3.6 billion. –, 2012

Vaccine History

Vaccines Not Attributable to Decline in U.S. Mortality in Last Century

The inevitable misconception that arises when discussing vaccination is that the vaccines lowered the mortality in the U.S. and therefore, no matter any shortcomings of vaccination, vaccines saved lives and are therefore necessary. But is that really the case? Did vaccines lower the mortality rate of these diseases that they are purportedly protecting us against? According to JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, one of the most prestigious medical journals, the answer is no, vaccines are not attributable to saving lives. In fact, the true reason for the drastic decline in mortality rates of these diseases is attributable to the ‘theory of epidemiological transition.’ – The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), 1999

Over the last 100 years, North America and Europe have experienced a substantial decline in mortality and an increase in life expectancy. The “theory of epidemiologic transition” attributes these trends to the transition from an “age of pestilence and famine,” in which the mortality pattern was dominated by high rates of infectious disease deaths, especially in the young, to the current “age of degenerative and man-made diseases” in which mortality from chronic diseases predominates.” – JAMA, 1999

The Theory of Epidemiological Transition – simply put, this means that better “improvements in living conditions, sanitation, modern healthcare, and medicine like penicillin and antibiotics” replaced infectious diseases.

Vaccines are not included in this theory, in fact, the theory was originally posited by Abdel Omran in 1971, and at the time the polio vaccine, the first widely disseminated vaccine in the U.S., had only hit the market in 1955. The measles vaccine came in ’63 and the mumps in ’67. That was all the vaccines that were on the market when Omran’s now widely held theory of epidemiological transition was observed.

The below chart demonstrates that annual mortality rates did not drastically decline due to the increase use of vaccinations. The graph is the average mortality rate in the U.S. when nine categories of infectious disease are added together as an overall average. These nine diseases are “pneumonia and influenza (analyzed as a single category), tuberculosis, diphtheria, pertussis, measles, typhoid fever, dysentery, syphilis (“syphilis and its sequelae”), and AIDS.” Bare in mind, vaccinations did not become prominent until the 1950’s and 60’s, and those were only for a half of the diseases. Notice, the mortality rates level off at the time of the vaccines implementation.
Figure 1. Crude Infectious Disease Mortality Rate in the United States from 1900 Through 1996 – JAMA

Dr. Suzanne Humphries

The debate between on vaccine efficacy in U.S. history often leads down the path of the so-called eradication of small pox. Advocates will claim that the small pox vaccine was responsible for its disappearance. Dr. Suzanne Humphries differs, stating (around 4:15 in the video), “Only 5 to 10% of the earth’s population was ever vaccinated for small pox. And it was done during a time when there was lots of sanitation occurring, which meant there was, there were fewer rodents and insects around that were able to carry the disease from person to person; it meant that people’s immune systems were improved because of better nutrition and child labor laws. So there were lots of things occurring during this period when small pox disappeared. However, now, you know back during the time of small pox, there was chicken pox, monkey pox, goat pox, horse pox, there were all kinds of pox that looked identical, that were very hard to tell apart. We still have monkey pox on the planet. So, many of these pox diseases that we all lump together because we didn’t have genetic testing, we still have these diseases. If you look at a person, a victim, of monkey pox, it looks just like small pox. So the question is, did we really eradicate small pox? And I have my doubts about that.

 U.S. Has Highest Infant Mortality Rates and Highest Infant Vaccination Rates

The below chart is based off of the data collected by the CIA of most of the 1st world nations. Truth be told, we are 169th of 224 nations; the 224th nation having the lowest infant mortality rate. But why doesn’t the US have the lowest infant mortality rate or bare minimum top 10 lowest? We have the most expensive healthcare, the greatest doctors, and we give our babies the highest amount of vaccines by age 1?

Infant-MOrtality-Rates-2009-Chart1Well, the answer to that question may very well be correlated to the high amount of vaccines. “The US childhood immunization schedule specifies 26 vaccine doses for infants aged less than 1 year—the most in the world—yet 33 nations have lower IMRs. Linear regression analysis of unweighted mean IMRs showed a high statistically significant correlation between increasing number of vaccine doses and increasing infant mortality rates, with r = 0.992 (p = 0.0009).”  – PubMed – National Center for Biotechnology Information, 2011

“A new report reveals that the United States has the highest first-day infant death rate out of all the industrialized countries in the world. About 11,300 newborns die within 24 hours of their birth in the U.S. each year, 50 percent more first-day deaths than all other industrialized countries combined, the report’s authors stated.” – CBS News, 2013

 The ‘Science’ Relied On Itself Is Suspect

In fact, the very scientific research used to push vaccines and the entire agenda can and should be called into question. The editor in chief of The Lancet, perhaps the world’s most prestigious medical journal, Richard Horton, wrote the following in The Lancet April 11, 2015 issue saying,

“The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness…The apparent endemicity of bad research behavior is alarming. In their quest for telling a compelling story, scientists too often sculpt data to fit their preferred theory of the world.”

Former editor-in-chief of The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), Marcia Angell wrote similar assertions of the medical industries bogus scientific research in her 2009 article, “Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption” saying,

“Similar conflicts of interest and biases exist in virtually every field of medicine, particularly those that rely heavily on drugs or devices. It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” – The New York Review of Books, 2009

Dr. Peter Rost, a former Vice President of Marketing for Pfizer, speaks out in the following video about the way corporation select 3rd parties to test their drugs.Dr. Peter Rost

He says, “But, as you and I can probably both imagine, if you have a promotional budget at a corporation, you’re probably going to give that money to the universities that do the programs that most support your drug. And the ones that don’t or that are critical in any way, shape, or form, they aren’t going to get anything. And everybody obviously knows that this is how things work. And that means that even if you can officially claim, ‘Well, that we… this is arm’s length; we didn’t have anything to do with it. We just gave them a grant. They can do anything that they want with it.’ Reality is, they aren’t going to continue to get money unless they are saying what you want them to say. They know it. You know it. It’s only maybe the public that doesn’t know it.”

In 2005, a comprehensive analysis was conducted providing clear evidence to the above assertions, that in fact, most published research findings are false.

“There is increasing concern that most current published research findings are false…Simulations show that for most study designs and settings, it is more likely for a research claim to be false than true. Moreover, for many current scientific fields, claimed research findings may often be simply accurate measures of the prevailing bias.” – PLOS One, 2005

The wide proliferation of false research in the medical and scientific industry can be traced back in part to the fact that half of the millions of research papers are disseminated by just a few publishers. Like any oligopoly, when the power to move scientific and medical implementation rely on the conclusions of research in the hands of a few, the power to corrupt creeps in. The following PLOS One study concludes that half of all medical and scientific research comes from 5 major publishers.

Concentration of Research

“This paper provides such analysis, based on 45 million documents indexed in the Web of Science over the period 1973-2013. It shows that in both natural and medical sciences (NMS) and social sciences and humanities (SSH), Reed-Elsevier, Wiley-Blackwell, Springer, and Taylor & Francis increased their share of the published output, especially since the advent of the digital era (mid-1990s). Combined, the top five most prolific publishers account for more than 50% of all papers published in 2013.” – PLOS One, 2015

The Vaccine Court (The Federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program)

The vaccine court came as the result of increased efforts to make sure children had recommended vaccinations prior to beginning school. More vaccinations equated to more vaccine injuries. According to The Washington Post, 1998, “Juries in a series of vaccine injury lawsuits saw documents indicating that the drug companies knew DPT carried some risk…DPT became something of a cause celebre, like nitrates in bacon or lead paint in public housing. Several juries awarded plaintiffs $5 million or more. Alarmed vaccine manufacturers either stopped production or jacked up their prices. By 1984, DPT vaccine rationing loomed, and the progress made to combat these diseases seemed threatened.”

In turn to ease vaccine manufacturer’s fears, The Vaccine Court (The Federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program) was established in 1986 under Ronald Reagan. President Reagan stated that it was “administered not by the executive branch, but by the Federal judiciary,” and that it was an “unprecedented arrangement” inconsistent with the constitutional requirement for separation of powers. – NY Times, 1986

It’s financed by $.75 tax on each vaccine sold

Burden of Proof on Causation – Huffington Post, 2009

  • Jury trials are prohibited
  • Damages are capped
  • Awards for pain and suffering are strictly limited and punitive damages banned altogether
  • Vaccine defender have an army of Department Justice attorneys with virtually unlimited resources for expert witnesses and other litigation costs
  • Plaintiffs must fund upfront costs for their own experts
  • The court gives overwhelming weight to written medical records over all other forms of testimony and evidence
  • HHS has gone to great lengths to keep the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) records away from plaintiff’s attorneys

Autism and the Vaccine Trigger

Take a long look at those numbers below. They are all documented, and the result is the autism spectrum diagnosis are continuing to climb straight up. There must be a cause! This cause must be from external environmental factors. Vaccination may not be the only culprit since we have other documented neurologically impairing chemicals in our environment from our food and water to our sky, but the biggest one of all is the vaccines.

Autism Prevalence by Year in USA

2015 (1:45) – London Daily Mail, 2015                                               2014 boys (1:42) girls (1:189) – CDC, 2014
2013 (1:50) – Forbes, 2013
2012 (1:88) – CDC, 2012
2009 (1:110) – National Autism Association, 2014
2008 boys (1:54) girls (1:252)  – National Autism Association, 2014
2006 (1:166) or 1.5 million children – CDC, 2007
2002 (1:152) – CDC, 2002
2000 (1:150) – CDC, 2012
1990’s (>1:333) – PubMed – National Center for Biotechnology Information, 2004
1970’s (<1:3,333) – PubMed – National Center for Biotechnology Information, 2004

autism hockey stickSource: Impact of environmental factors on the prevalence of autistic disorder after 1979. – Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology, 2014

Other Countries’ Autism Prevalence Rates – The Free Medical Dictionary

(1:100) – United Kingdom – 2012 – with a 56% increase in last 5 years
(1:250) – India
(2 to 6:1,000) – Mexico
(1.1:1,000) – China

“If the epidemic is truly an artifact of poor diagnosis, then where are all the 20 year-old autistics?” – Dr. Boyd Haley, one of the world’s authorities on mercury toxicity

Defining the Term, Autism

The Increase in Prevalence Not Attributed to Past Under Diagnosis

What’s Going On? The Question of Time Trends in Autism” – Association of Schools Public Health, 2004 by Mark F. Blaxill, MBA viewed 54 published reports of studies that provide disease frequency statistics of autism, ASDs, and related disorders. The following excerpts from his report explain that “…the large increases in prevalence in both U.S. and U.K. cannot be explained by changes in diagnostic criteria or improvements in case ascertainment.” In fact, “the core definition of autism remained relatively stable since Rutter’s 3 main behavioral domains in 1978,” and “the differences in breadth of the diagnostic criteria are unlikely to have had meaningful effect on reported disease frequency.

Rutter’s in 1978 created DMS-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) defining autism as “autism, infantile autism, childhood autism, and autism-like disorders.” In fact, the World Health Organization in 1993 published ICD-10 (International Classifications of Diseases, 10th revision) using the term “childhood autism” DMS-IV & ICD-10 setting an age limit of 36 months.

“The quantitative comparison of IDEA snapshot and constant-age tracking trend slopes suggests that ~75-80% of the tracked increase in autism since 1988 is due to an actual increase in the disorder rather than to changing diagnostic criteria.” – Environmental Health, 2014

“The California researchers concluded that doctors are diagnosing autism at a younger age because of increased awareness. But that change is responsible for only about a 24 percent increase in children reported to be autistic by the age…Also, a shift in doctors diagnosing milder cases explains another 56 percent increase. And changes in state reporting of the disorder could account for around a 120 percent increase. Combined, Hertz-Picciotto said those factors “don’t get us close” to the 600 to 700 percent increase in diagnosed cases.” – Scientific American, 2009

Congressional Hearing on Autism with the CDC

Rep. Carolyn Maloney Drills The CDCRepresentative Carolyn Maloney D-New York nails down Colleen Boyle, Birth Defects and Developmental Disorders Director at the CDC, in a Congressional hearing over the change from 1-3 in 10,000 to 1 in 88 autism cases over the last few decades not being attributed to better diagnosis. A small fraction may be attributed to better diagnosis, but that is a significantly small amount. Further, let’s imagine for a second that we’ve always had autism rates of 1 in 88 (today, it’s 1 in 50) 40 years ago as well, do you really trust an organization (the CDC) that was so poor at counting and acquiring the data that they were 37 times off what actually existed in the 1970’s?! Because today, we have 37 times more autism prevalence than that of the ’70’s.

Vaccines Induce Autistic Disorders

Numerous credible, medical and scientific journals over the past decade or so have found significant correlations between certain vaccines and autism.

“Dr Peter Fletcher, who was Chief Scientific Officer at the Department of Health (in the U.K.), said if it is proven that the jab causes autism, ‘the refusal by governments to evaluate the risks properly will make this one of the greatest scandals in medical history…’He said he has seen a “steady accumulation of evidence” from scientists worldwide that the measles, mumps and rubella jab is causing brain damage in certain children.” – The Daily Mail, 2006

Documented causes of autism include genetic mutations and/or deletions, viral infections, and encephalitis [brain damage] following vaccination [emphasis added]. Therefore, autism is the result of genetic defects and/or inflammation of the brain.” – CBS News, 2011 via Journal of Immunotoxicology, 2011

“The number of dose relationships is linear and statistically significant. You can play with this all you want. They are linear. They are statistically significant.” – Dr. Weil from Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc, 2003

“Using regression analysis and controlling for family income and ethnicity, the relationship between the proportion of children who received the recommended vaccines by age 2 years and the prevalence of autism (AUT) or speech or language impairment (SLI) in each U.S. state from 2001 and 2007 was determined. A positive and statistically significant relationship was found: The higher the proportion of children receiving recommended vaccinations, the higher was the prevalence of AUT or SLI.” – Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, 2011

“There was a significant dose-response relationship between the severity of the regressive ASDs (Autism Spectrum Disorder) observed and the total mercury dose children received from Thimerosal-containing vaccines/Rho (D)-immune globulin preparations. Based upon differential diagnoses, 8 of 9 patients examined were exposed to significant mercury from Thimerosal-containing biologic/vaccine preparations during their fetal/infant developmental periods, and subsequently, between 12 and 24 mo of age, these previously normally developing children suffered mercury toxic encephalopathies that manifested with clinical symptoms consistent with regressive ASDs.” –  Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, 2007

“From a cellular perspective, it would appear that the existing scientific literature supports the biological plausibility of a Hg-based (mercury) autism pathogenesis…Nevertheless, research studies identifying Hg’s effects on glial cells and mitochondria that are consistent with findings in autistic patients, lend further support to the Hg-autism hypothesis.” – Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 2011

“We studied the effects of thimerosal on cell proliferation and mitochondrial function from B-lymphocytes taken from individuals with autism, their nonautistic twins, and their nontwin siblings…Cells hypersensitive to thimerosal also had higher levels of oxidative stress markers, protein carbonyls, and oxidant generation. This suggests certain individuals with a mild mitochondrial defect may be highly susceptible to mitochondrial specific toxins like the vaccine preservative thimerosal.” – Journal of Toxicology, 2013

“It was determined that there were significantly increased odds ratios (ORs) for autism (OR = 1.8, p < .05), mental retardation (OR = 2.6, p < .002), speech disorder (OR = 2.1, p < .02), personality disorders (OR = 2.6, p < .01), and thinking abnormality (OR = 8.2, p < .01) adverse events reported to the VAERS following thimerosal-containing DTaP vaccines in comparison to thimerosal-free DTaP vaccines.” – International Journal of Toxicology, 2004

“Further, linear regression revealed that Varicella (chickenpox) and Hepatitis A immunization coverage was significantly correlated to autistic disorder cases…Autistic disorder change points years are coincident with introduction of vaccines manufactured using human fetal cell lines, containing fetal and retroviral contaminants, into childhood vaccine regimens.” – Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology, 2014

“This pattern was repeated in the US, UK, Western Australia and Denmark. Thus, rising autistic disorder prevalence is directly related to vaccines manufactured utilizing human fetal cells. Increased paternal age and DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) revisions were not related to rising autistic disorder prevalence.” – Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology, 2014

“…the present study provides new epidemiological evidence supporting an association between increasing organic-Hg exposure from Thimerosal-containing childhood vaccines and the subsequent risk of an ASD diagnosis.” – Translational Neurodegeneration, 2013

“Thus autistic children have a hyper-immune response to measles virus, which in the absence of a wild-type measles infection might be a sign of an abnormal immune reaction to the vaccine strain or virus reactivation.” – Pediatric Neurology, 2003

Measles might be etiologically linked to autism because measles and MMR antibodies (a viral marker) correlated positively to brain autoantibodies (an autoimmune marker)—salient features that characterize autoimmune pathology in autism.” – Journal of Child Neurology, 2009

“An abstract of the study was published in the September, 2009 issue of the respected journal Annals of Epidemiology. In it, Carolyn Gallagher and Melody Goodman of the Graduate Program in Public Health at Stony Brook University Medical Center, NY, wrote that, “Boys who received the hepatitis B vaccine during the first month of life had 2.94 greater odds for ASD compared to later- or unvaccinated boys.” – HuffPost, 2009

“Findings suggest that U.S. male neonates vaccinated with the hepatitis B vaccine prior to 1999 (from vaccination record) had a threefold higher risk for parental report of autism diagnosis compared to boys not vaccinated as neonates during that same time period. Nonwhite boys bore a greater risk.” – Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, 2010

“Although the committee has concluded that the evidence favors rejection of the causal relationship at the population level between MMR vaccine and autistic spectrum disorders, the committee nevertheless recommends that this issue receive continued attention. It does so in recognition that its conclusion does not exclude the possibility that MMR vaccine could contribute to ASD in a small number of children.” – Institute of Medicine (US) Immunization Safety Review Committee, 2001

“Thus the MMR antibody in autistic sera detected measles HA protein, which is unique to the measles subunit of the vaccine. Furthermore, over 90% of MMR antibody-positive autistic sera were also positive for MBP (myelin basic protein) autoantibodies, suggesting a strong association between MMR and CNS (central nervous system) autoimmunity in autism. Stemming from this evidence, we suggest that an inappropriate antibody response to MMR, specifically the measles component thereof, might be related to pathogenesis of autism.” – Journal of Biomedical Science, 2002

For more sources of medical evidence on the dangers of the MMR, please check out The Measles Virus and The Vaccine page.

Vaccine Court (the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program)

When asked about vaccines triggering autism Dr. Bernadine Healy, former head of the National Institutes of Health said, “I think that the public health officials have been too quick to dismiss the hypothesis as irrational.” – CBS News, 2008

The hypothesis is not only rational, but conclusive in causing encephalitis (brain swelling), which triggered two children’s autism awarding their families millions through the Vaccine Court (the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program). – Huffington Post, 2013

Hannah Poling’s Case

$1.5 million Vaccine Award for Autism“The first court award in a vaccine-autism claim is a big one. CBS News has learned the family of Hannah Poling will receive more than $1.5 million dollars for her life care; lost earnings; and pain and suffering for the first year alone.” – CBS News, 2010

Also, Hannah Poling vaccine injury compensation award was described by Fox News, 2010.

Bailey Banks’ Case

Special Master Richard Abell, 2007, “The Court found that Bailey’s ADEM (acute disseminated encephalomyelitis) was both caused-in-fact and proximately caused by his vaccination. It is well-understood that the vaccination at issue can cause ADEM, and the Court found, based upon a full reading and hearing of the pertinent facts in this case, that it did actually cause the ADEM.”– Huffington Post, 2013

The Many Cases Filed Against the Vaccine Court

vaccine Court VictoryA group of parents have been awarded multi-million dollar settlements for dozens of families whose kids suffered brain damage including autism after receiving children vaccines.  These payments will be paid out as an annuity over  the lifetime of the child. – Fox News, 2011

The government has paid more than 1,300 brain injury claims in vaccine court since 1988, but is not studying those cases or tracking how many of them resulted in autism.” – CBS News, 2008

5,000 autism claims filed against the federal vaccine court. – CBS News, 2008

How the Vaccine Court Works

The Vaccine Court BreakdownA great 5 minute breakdown video of how the Federal Vaccine Court works to the benefit of the manufacturers and to the detriment of those injured. “Do Vaccines Cause Autism” published the Canary Party is narrated by Rob Sneider.

Thimerosal and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Study 

The CDC Conference Discussing a Link Between Autism and Vaccines

John Kennedy Jr.In Norcross, GA on June 7-8, 2000, the CDC hosted a conference using the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) to discuss the possible link between autism and thimerosal. As discussed in both articles, 2011 & Rolling Stone, 2011, Robert F Kennedy Jr. discusses in this MSNBC News interview the transcripts of this secret meeting were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

Tom Verstraeten, CDC epidemiologist, analyzed the VSD of 100,000 children medical records, and he found what appeared to be the culprit of the dramatic increase in autism, thimerosal.

From last 3 months of pregnancy to 2 years old are the brain’s growth spurt years. And since mercury gets absorbed into the growing brain and collects there, this can be a major attribution to degenerative diseases of children’s brains.

For more sources of medical evidence based links between thimerosal and autism, please check out Vaccines and Their Ingredients page.

Merck Lawsuits

Merck, one the major manufacturer’s of the MMR vaccine are currently under hot water for allegedly doctoring their numbers to lower the correlation between the MMR vaccine and the increase in autism. This is the type of scientific study into the efficacy and safety is what we can expect from a manufacturer fast tracking their own vaccine to get the quick approval of an all to willing FDA.

“The controversies will find Merck defending itself and its vaccine in at least two federal court cases” against “the staff of representative Bill Posey (R-Fla) — a longstanding critic of the CDC interested in an alleged link between vaccines and autism — is now reviewing some 1,000 documents that the CDC whistleblower turned over to them.” – Huffington Post, 2014

“The scientists (two former Merck employees turned whistleblowers) claim Merck defrauded the U.S. government by causing it to purchase an estimated four million doses of mislabeled and misbranded MMR vaccine per year for at least a decade.” – Forbes, 2012

“Hooker said he believes the increased risk for African-American boys he found was not identified in the CDC study because the researchers, including Thompson, deliberately limited the number of participants they included in their analysis, which he said altered the results.” – CNN, 2014

“I regret that my co-authors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article,” said Thompson. – CNN, 2014

Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Dr. Andrew Wakefield has been the ad hominem, straw man attack for the pro-vaccine media and big pharma. They scapegoat themselves from all the observable studies and conclusions laid out above by defaming Dr. Wakefield. Dr. Wakefield never set out to spear the anti-vaccine movement. In fact, Dr. Wakefield advocates vaccines, but only single does vaccines, and not the MMR.  He was singled out and his name life’s work dragged through the dirt. To hear his side of the story check out the Youtube video.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield worked at London’s Royal Free Hospital as a gastroenterologist.

The Lancet published his study on 2/28/98, but retracted it in 2010. It was a case series of observational studies of small cases that were unusual.Andrew Wakefield

The children were not pre-selected for litigation purposes as Brian Deer suggests in 19 additional peer reviewed published papers on the MMR and autism.

The General Medical Counsel (GMC) Rulings/Findings on Dr. Wakefield’s Research

Below is a list of the General Medical Counsel of England’s finding and reason for stripping him of his medical license.

  • Performed procedures on a child for research purposes without the approval of his Ethics Committee.
  • Omitted correct information about the purpose of the study or the patient population.
  • Invasive tests, such as spinal taps, that were carried out on children and which were found to be against their best clinical interests.
  • Should have disclosed the fact that he had been paid to advise solicitors acting for parents who believed their children had been harmed by the MMR.

On October 14, 2014, Dr. Andrew Wakefield has filed a formal complaint[PDF] with the acting director of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). In it, Dr. Wakefield meticulously outlines the misconduct by senior investigators within the National Immunization Program (NIP) of the CDC for their blatant and full acknowledgment of withdrawn key data linking the MMR vaccine to an increase in autism in African American males.

Other Research Has Been Able to Replicate Wakefield’s Findings

“New American research shows that there could be a link between the controversial MMR triple vaccine and autism and bowel disease in children. The study appears to confirm the findings of British doctor Andrew Wakefield, who caused a storm in 1998 by suggesting a possible link.” – Daily Mail, 2006

The Polio Virus and the Vaccine

Polio – The Virus and It’s Effect

“Polio spreads from person to person invading the brain and spinal cord and causing paralysis (inability to move). ” – CDC, 2014

“Most people who get infected with poliovirus (about 72 out of 100) will not have any visible symptoms.” – CDC, 2014

“Most people with polio have no symptoms; minor symptoms such as limb pain, fatigue and nausea affect about 4% to 8% of patients, according to the CDC. Fewer than 1% of cases lead to patients becoming permanently paralyzed, usually in the legs.” – CNN, 2012

“Paralysis is the most severe symptom associated with polio because it can lead to permanent disability and death. Between 2 and 10 out of 100 people who have paralysis from poliovirus infection die because the virus affects the muscles that help them breathe.” – CDC, 2014

 Annual U.S. Mortality Rate for Polio

Less than 1 death per year – CDC, 2014

Polio Diagnosis Declined Due to Change in Criteria, not the Vaccine’s Efficacy

“The fact that dubious tactics were used to fabricate efficacy rates was corroborated by Dr. Bernard Greenberg, chairman of the Committee on Evaluation and Standards of the American Public Health Association during the 1950s. His expert testimony was used as evidence during Congressional hearings in 1962. He credited the “decline” of polio cases not to the vaccine, but rather to a change in the way doctors were required to report cases: “Prior to 1954 any physician who reported paralytic poliomyelitis was doing his patient a service by way of subsidizing the cost of hospitalization… two examinations at least 24 hours apart was all that was required… In 1955 the criteria were changed… residual paralysis was determined 10 to 20 days after onset of illness and again 50 to 70 days after onset… This change in definition meant that in 1955 we started reporting a new disease… Furthermore, diagnostic procedures have continued to be refined.” – Neil Z Miller – The Polio Vaccine: A Critical Assessment of its Arcane History, Efficacy, and Long-term Health-related Consequences, 2004

Dr. Maurice Hilleman’s Admissions to Polio Vaccine Causing Cancer

As the developer of Merck’s vaccine program, Dr. Maurice Hilleman developed more than three dozen vaccines, which is more than any other scientist in history. In this archived interview excerpt recorded by WGBH, Boston’s Public Broadcasting Station, you will hear his own admission that, “vaccines have to be considered the bargain basement technology for the 20th Century.” This is quite a statement from someone who should be the proudest and utmost progenitor of vaccines’ safety and effectiveness.Dr. Maurice Hilleman

When he spoke about bringing the monkeys over from Africa, which they used to manufacture the polio vaccine, he had this to say, “I brought African greens in. I didn’t know we were importing AIDS virus at the time.” And following the two reporters’ outburst of laughter, Dr. Hilleman replied, “This is the real story.

A little later in the interview, Dr. Hilleman stated, “Yellow fever vaccine had leukemia virus in it. This was in the day of very crude science.” He continues, by telling of his conversation with Dr. Albert Sabin, the creator of the oral Polio vaccine, over the effect it was having on their test population, the Russians. He said, “I have a feeling in my bones that this virus is different. I don’t know why I am telling you this, but I’ve been around biology a long time. But I just think this virus may have some long term effects. And he just said what? And I said, “Cancer.

Polio Vaccine Caused Cancer

A cancer-causing monkey virus grown in their kidneys – SV-40 – was administered to millions between 1955-1961. In fact, “our analysis indicates increased rates of ependymomas (37%), osteogenic sarcomas (26%), other bone tumors (34%) and mesothelioma (90%) among those in the exposed as compared to the unexposed birth cohort.” – AntiCancer Research, 1999

Presence of simian virus 40 (SV-40) DNA sequence in human lymphomas might be a pathogenesis of non-Hodgkins lymphomas. “SV40 is significantly associated with some types of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. These results add lymphomas to the types of human cancers associated with SV40.” – The Lancet, 2002

“These results establish that SV40 is associated significantly with brain tumors, bone cancers, malignant mesothelioma, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.” – American Journal of Medicine, 2003

“We conclude that SV40 is significantly associated with some types of NHL (non-Hodgkins Lymphomas) and that lymphomas should be added to the types of human cancers associated with SV40.” – Leuk Lymphoma, 2003

People Receiving Polio Vaccine Increased Likelihood of Contracting Polio

“In 1995, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study showing that children who received a single injection within one month after receiving a polio vaccine were 8 times more likely to contract polio than children who received no injections.” – Neil Z Miller – The Polio Vaccine: A Critical Assessment of its Arcane History, Efficacy, and Long-term Health-related Consequences, 2004

 “The live attenuated strains used in the oral poliovirus (OPV) … strains replicate in the human gut and are excreted for several weeks after immunization…This may, in rare cases, cause vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis (VAPP) in vaccinees or result in transmissible and neurovirulent circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus (cVDPV) strains.” – Vaccine, 2009

Polio Cases in States

So, let’s take a look at the data. Did the cases of polio decrease after the vaccine? Well, in fact, no. The chart to the left shows 5 states (MA, CT, NH, RI, VT) that were sampled show an increase in polio after the vaccine ranging from (266% – 642%). – Neil Z Miller – The Polio Vaccine: A Critical Assessment of its Arcane History, Efficacy, and Long-term Health-related Consequences, 2004 via US Government Statistics

The Polio Vaccine Created New Cases of Polio

In fact, according to CDC figures, every case of polio in U.S. since 1979 was caused by the polio vaccine or from foreigners bringing wild polio into the U.S.CDC – Morbidity and Mortality Report, 1999

The wild polio virus brought about the development of polio vaccines, which spawned mutations of the polio virus, resulting in new “vaccine-derived” polio viruses. – The Lancet, 2001; CDC –Poliomyelitis Prevention in the United States, 1990Polio Wild Virus

On September 24, 1976, The Washington Post, 2006 reported Dr. Jonas Salk’s assertion that the live oral virus vaccine of Dr. Albert Sabin had been the cause of reported polio cases in the US since 1961.

Vaccine-derived polioviruses (VDPVs), strains of poliovirus mutated from the oral polio vaccine, pose a challenge to global polio eradication. Immunodeficiency-related vaccine-derived polioviruses (iVDPVs) are a type of VDPV which may serve as sources of poliovirus reintroduction after the eradication of wild-type poliovirus.” – Vaccine, 2015

“The oral vaccines are inexpensive, costing about 12 cents per dose, and simple to administer. But they are not foolproof. In one out of every few million recipients, they cause polio paralysis. Immune-impaired individuals can become long-term shedders of the virus.” – Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, 2008

The Polio Vaccine Can Shed

“Maximum viral shedding occurs in the first 1–2 weeks after vaccination, particularly after the first dose. Vaccine viruses may spread from the recipient to contacts. Persons coming in contact with fecal material of a vaccinated person may be exposed and infected with vaccine virus…Infected persons without symptoms shed virus in the stool and are able to transmit the virus to others.” – CDC, 2010

Fecal shedding of virulent revertant polioviruses was examined in isolates from infants previously immunized with > or = 1 dose of orally administered live attenuated polio vaccine (OPV) alone, enhanced-potency inactivated polio vaccine (EIPV) alone, or a combination of both.” – The Journal of Infectious Diseases, 1993

“A Staten Island man stricken with polio after changing his daughter’s diaper 30 years ago won a multimillion dollar judgment from the maker of the oral vaccine that passed through her stool.” He “was awarded $22.5 million. The jury determined that the Orimune vaccine his daughter, Diana, received was “unreasonably dangerous” and that drugmaker Lederle Laboratories was “100% liable” for his injuries.” – NY Daily News, 2009

Whooping Cough (Pertussis) and The Vaccine (DTaP/DTP)

Pertussis – The Virus and It’s Effect

“Pertussis is known for uncontrollable, violent coughing which often makes it hard to breathe. After fits of many coughs, someone with pertussis often needs to take deep breaths which result in a “whooping” sound.” – CDC, 2014

“Pertussis most commonly affects infants and young children and can be fatal, especially in babies less than 1 year of age.” – CDC, 2014

Annual U.S. Mortality Rate for Whooping Cough

Between 10-20 deaths per year

“Now we see about 10,000–40,000 cases reported each year and unfortunately about 10–20 deaths.” – CDC, 2014

 Pertusis Outbreaks the Last DecadeAbove is the trend line of Whooping Cough cases and deaths for over the last decade in the U.S. – USA Today, 2014

Two Types of Vaccine: Whole-cell (DTP) and Acellualar (DTaP)

According to the FDA, 2013, “there are two types of pertussis vaccines, whole-cell and acellular. Whole-cell pertussis vaccines contain a whole-cell preparation, which means they contain killed, but complete, B. pertussis bacteria. The acellular pertussis vaccine is more purified and uses only selected portions of the pertussis bacteria to stimulate an immune response in an individual.” The whole-cell whooping cough vaccine, DTP, is no longer in production in the U.S. because children were always getting sick from the vaccine within 3 days of it’s injection. In fact, doctors had to give an antipyretic, an agent that reduces fever, because it was so bad. So, today the DTaP is the vaccine that is being administered, but it is definitely full of short-comings as well. In recent scientific studies, DTaP is not providing protection from acquiring the disease nor lowering the spread of the disease to others.

Acellular pertussis vaccines licensed by FDA “may not prevent the bacteria that causes whooping cough in those vaccinated or its spread to other people.” –, 2013

“The observation that aP, which induces an immune response mismatched to that induced by natural infection, fails to prevent colonization or transmission provides a plausible explanation for the resurgence of pertussis.” – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2014

“Whole-cell vaccination was able to prevent transmission, but an acellular vaccine that effectively controls disease failed to control shedding and transmission. Our results highlight discrepancies between whole-cell and acellular vaccination that could contribute to the increased incidence of B. pertussis infection since the transition to the use of acellular vaccination.” – The Journal of Infectious Diseases, 2014

People Vaccinated Can Be Carriers of Pertussis

“We tested 46 fully vaccinated children in two day-care centers in Israel who were exposed to a fatal case of pertussis infection. Only two of five children who tested positive for Bordetella pertussis met the World Health Organization’s case definition for pertussis. Vaccinated children may be asymptomatic reservoirs for infection.” – CDC, 2000

“The research suggests that while the vaccine may keep people from getting sick, it doesn’t prevent them from spreading whooping cough — also known as pertussis — to others.” – NBC News, 2013

“But that might not be the whole story, suggests a new study published in BMC Medicine by Santa Fe Institute Omidyar Fellows Ben Althouse and Sam Scarpino. Their research points to a different, but related, source of the outbreak — vaccinated people who are infectious but who do not display the symptoms of whooping cough, suggesting that the number of people transmitting without symptoms may be many times greater than those transmitting with symptoms.” – Science Daily, 2015

Vaccine “Wears off”

 According to the CDC’s recommended pediatric vaccine schedule, children under 6 need to receive 5 doses of DTaP. So, how effective is the vaccine? Fully vaccinated children having had 5 doses of the vaccine by age 6 “could still be vulnerable by age 10” according to a study in The New England Journal of Medicine in 2012 – USA Today, 2013Whooping Cough

Dr. Marc Siegel Associate Professor of Medicine at NYU admits on Fox News the vaccine wears off. And he encourages that people get the vaccine even though the mother in the video tells a very compelling story of how the DTaP vaccine caused hospitalization and autism in her son.

Vaccinated People Get Whooping Cough

In each of the below cases spread throughout the country, the majority of those who came down with whooping cough had been up to date on their vaccinations according to the mainstream reports and scientific studies. So, does the vaccine work? Is it worth taking to begin with?

The Whooping Cough Cases

  • In San Diego, California “so far this year, 1,855 positive cases have been recorded, with more than 80 percent of the people up to date on their whooping cough shots.” – KPBS News, local San Diego news, 2014
  • 522 cases in Vermont, “a majority were vaccinated children,” 90% were vaccinated.USAToday, 2012
  • In California 2010, of the 132 patients with whooping cough under 18, 81% were fully up to date on their recommended vaccinations.Reuters, 2012
    • “…Records for 132 Kaiser Permanente patients… the bulk of the cases were in fully vaccinated children between eight and 12 years old.” – Scientific American, 2013whooping cough in MA
  • 15 High Schoolers in Cape Cod, Massachusetts have come down with whooping cough and “in this case, a school official tells WBZ that all the students had been immunized.” – CBS News, Boston, 2014
  • “This report describes a statewide outbreak of pertussis in Vermont (1995 population: 584,771) in 1996 in a highly vaccinated population, affecting primarily school-aged children and adults, and underscores the need to include pertussis in the differential diagnosis of cough illness in persons of all ages.” – CDC, 1997
  • “PARK CITY, Utah — A whooping cough outbreak is causing concern in Summit County as 19 children have been diagnosed, and it’s the first time in years Park City schools have seen a case of pertussis. Officials said all of the children who have been diagnosed were vaccinated against the illness.”  – Fox 13 News, Salt Lake City, 2015
  • “The Washington State Secretary of Health declared a pertussis epidemic on April 3, 2012…Valid vaccination history was available for 1,829 of 2,006 (91.2%) patients aged 3 months–19 years. Overall, 758 of 1,000 (75.8%) patients aged 3 months–10 years were up-to-date with the childhood diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and acellular pertussis (DTaP) doses.” – CDC, 2012
  • In 2004, Wisconsin had “261 pertussis cases among county residents…Among 156 case patients with reported vaccination histories, 84% had received 5 or more doses of pertussis-containing vaccine.” – Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, 2008
  • SALINAS, Calif. In less than one month, four students at Monterey Park School have been diagnosed with pertussis, or whooping cough…School officials said of the 524 students at Monterey Park, 99.5 percent are vaccinated, including the four students who have been diagnosed.” – NBC News 8 KSBW, 2015
  • In North Carolina, “A blood test confirmed that it was whooping cough, so it was reported to the health department which investigated and said that’s what Dean likely had, and Lisa then got it from him. But, the news came as a shock since they’d both been vaccinated.” – ABC News, WTVD-TV Raleigh-Durham, 2015
  • In Massachusetts, “Landers said that since March 4 the Marion County Health Department has investigated 11 cases of whooping cough – six at the unidentified school, four at Sprague and a single case at a third school. All students except one were up to date on their vaccines.” – Statesman Journal, 2015

Health Officials Admissions

These individual outbreaks cases happened despite high levels of vaccination. Perhaps, the vaccinations themselves help facilitate whooping cough. Health officials try shrug off this glaring correlation (possible causation), but they have to make some admissions.

“While some parents around the country have taken a stand against childhood vaccines, the outbreak is not being driven by unvaccinated children, according to the CDC. Most of the illnesses are in vaccinated youngsters, officials said.” – CBS News, 2012

“Vaccination helped clear Bordetella pertussis but resulted in an approximately 40x fold increase in B. para-pertussis… Further, we show that aP vaccination impedes host immunity against B. para-pertussis” – The Royal Society, 2010

“There were 48,000 cases reported last year despite high rates of vaccinations…this resurgence suggests a need for research into the causes” says Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.FDA, 2013

Infant Deaths

Infanrix Hexa – DTP vaccine by GlaxoSmithKline
36 infants died between 2009 – 2011; 72 total since 2000 – Biological Clinical Safety and Pharmacovigilance, page 603

Tripedia – DTP vaccine by Sanofi Pasteur Inc
Reported rate of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in US between 1.5/1,000 between 1985 – 1991 –, 2005

Other DTP/DTaP Dangers

Many of the dangers of these vaccines have been discussed on the Diphtheria and Tetanus pages. So, as to not double up, here are other documented adverse events from taking these vaccines, which we now know, doesn’t even work despite requiring 5 doses before age 6.

As far as the efficacy of DTaP Vaccine in Infants, “the studies have not demonstrated a direct correlation between antibody responses and protection against pertussis disease.” – CDC – Pertussis Vaccination: Use of Acellular Pertussis Vaccines Among Infants and Young Children, 1997 pg. 4

“Hypotonic-Hyporesponsive Episode (HHE). HHE is an uncommon response to the pertussis component and occurs within 48 hours of the injection in children under 2. The child usually starts out feverish and irritable and then becomes pale, limp, and unresponsive. Breathing is shallow, and the child’s skin may turn bluish.” – NY Times, 2012

“Neurologic Effects in Pertussis Component. Of concern have been a few reports of permanent neurologic abnormalities that have occurred after children have been vaccinated. Such reports include attention deficit disorder, learning disorders, autism, brain damage (encephalopathy), and even death.” – NY Times, 2012

Possible Adverse Reactions – Sanofi Pasteur Inc (Their Own Admissions)

Idiopathic thrombocytopenic pupura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence and apnea, peripheral mononeauropathy – a single nerve that affects sensation, movement, gland or, or organ function –, 2005

The Flu Virus and the Vaccine

Influenza – The Virus and It’s Effect

Three Types

“There are three types of influenza viruses: A, B and C. Human influenza A and B viruses cause seasonal epidemics of disease almost every winter in the United States.” – CDC, 2014

“Influenza B and C viruses mainly affect humans, whereas influenza A viruses infect a range of mammalian and avian species.” – WHO, 2014

“Over 200 viruses cause influenza and ILI” (Influenza-Like Illness) – The Cochrane Collaboration, 2013

“So far, 16 HA and 9 NA subtypes of type A influenza virus have been identified and more than one hundred of the possible 144 HA-NA combinations have been found.” – PLOS One, (Public Library of Science, a peer-reviewed weekly medical journal), 2010

“Influenza A (H1N1), A (H3N2), and one or two influenza B viruses (depending on the vaccine) are included in each year’s influenza vaccine.” – CDC, 2014

U.S. Annual Mortality Rate for Flu

Between 500 – 1500 die in U.S. 2010-2012 – National Vital Statistics System, 2014

3,000 – 49,000 die in U.S. 1976–2007 – CDC, 2013

As you can see from the above statistics, there is a vast discrepancy in the range of influenza deaths in America.

According to the British Medical Journal, 2005, “US data on influenza deaths are a mess. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) acknowledges a difference between flu death and flu associated death yet uses the terms interchangeably. Additionally, there are significant statistical incompatibilities between official estimates and national vital statistics data. Compounding these problems is a marketing of fear—a CDC communications strategy in which medical experts “predict dire outcomes” during flu seasons.”

“The considerable similarity in mortality seen in pandemic and nonpandemic influenza seasons challenges common beliefs about the severity of pandemic influenza. The historical decline in influenza-classed mortality rates suggests that public health and ecological factors may play a role in influenza mortality risk. Nevertheless, the actual number of influenza-attributable deaths remains in doubt.” – The Journal of the American Medical Association, 2008

Examples of Flu Vitals Calculated With and Without Pneumonia

The CDC gives an absurdly high range of flu related deaths by including Pneumonia deaths and Flu deaths together. This is a scare tactic driving people to get vaccinated each year with the latest strain of flu. Below are figures taken from the Nationals Vital Statistics System, which meticulously calculates all the death certificates in America. These figures encompass all Americans from all age groups.

According to the National Vital Statistics System, pg. 39, 2013, the annual flu deaths in 2010 census data was just 500.

Flu 500 Deaths Pt. 2

Likewise, based on 2011 data the National Vital Statistics System, pg. 23, found influenza to be the cause of death for just 1,532.

Flu 2010 Deaths

And 2012’s Influenza causalities? National Vital Statistics System put that death toll figure at 1,106.

2012 Flu Deaths

These figures fall well short of the CDC’s 3,000 – 49,000 range. So, to demonstrate this, take a look at 2004, a year that falls between 1976 – 2007. National Vital Statistics System figure where flu and pneumonia figures are put together. The number is 59,664.

2004 National Vital Statistics

The Vaccine Not Attributable to Decrease in U.S. Flu Mortality Rates

Flu DeathsThe flu vaccine was not distributed to the American public until the 1950’s, and taking a look at the Influenza mortality rates on the chart to the right. By the ’50’s, the mortality rate had leveled off. So, the flu vaccines were not the reason for the decrease in influenza related mortality in America.  The British Medical Journal, 2013

“By the 1950s, vaccine makers were able to prepare and routinely release vaccines which could be used in the prevention or control of future pandemics. ” –, 2014

Flu Vaccine Increases Chance of Flu and Non-influenza Respiratory Virus Infections

Many people find anecdotally that within their circle of friends those who came down with the flu had received the flu vaccine for that season. How could this be? The flu vaccine is championed as the best defense one can take against the flu. Yet, there are documented observational studies showing that the flu vaccine may not only provide little protection against the flu, but may actually enhance your chances of contracting the virus.

“When VE (Vaccine Effectiveness) against all influenza viruses was combined, the overall VE estimate was 19% (95% CI: 7%– 29%). In practical terms, this means the flu vaccine reduced a person’s risk of having to seek medical care at a doctor’s office for flu illness by 19%.” – CDC, 2015

People who received the H1N1 (trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine) in ’08-’09 doubled their chance of getting the flu after taking the flu vaccine according to four observational studies from Canada. – PLOS Medicine, 2010. The studies stated,

In contrast, estimates from the sentinel and three other observational studies, involving a total of 1,226 laboratory-confirmed pH1N1 cases and 1,505 controls, indicated that prior receipt of 2008–09 TIV was associated with increased risk of medically attended pH1N1 illness during the spring–summer 2009, with estimated risk or odds ratios ranging from 1.4 to 2.5.

“On February 10, 2014, the USS Ardent, a U.S. Navy minesweeper, was moored in San Diego, California, while conducting training. Over the course of 3 days, 25 of 102 crew members sought medical care because of influenza-like illness (H3N2)…At the time of the outbreak, 99% of the crew had received influenza vaccine.” – CDC, 2014

“Vaccines given to fight this year’s flu appear to be about 62 percent effective overall” and “Of people who got the flu, 32 percent were vaccinated” according to the CDC in 2013. – NBC News, 2013

Only 55% effective against influenza A strains; the more severe cases, and only 70% effective against influenza B, which is usually less serious.

“We randomized 115 children to trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine (TIV) or placebo. Over the following 9 months, TIV recipients had increased risk of virologically-confirmed non-influenza infections (relative risk: 4.40; 95% confidence interval: 1.31-14.8). Being protected against influenza, TIV recipients may lack temporary non-specific immunity that protected against other respiratory viruses.” – Oxford Journals – Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2012

Repeated Yearly Flu Vaccinations Weaken Immunity Against Flu

In fact, receiving the flu vaccine a couple years in a row or more has been proven to provide no protection against the flu, and instead, linked to increasing the risk of other infections.

“Current-season VE (vaccine effectiveness) against H3N2 was significantly higher (65%; 95% CI, 36%–80%) among nonvaccinees (ie, those vaccinated in the current season but not during the prior 5 years) compared with frequent vaccinees (24%; 95% CI, 3%–41%; P = .01).” – Clinical Infactious Diseases, 2014

Flu shot 2 years in a row provided no protection against flu for 328 Michigan households. –, 2013

“Antibody titers to influenza HA and NA antigens may persist over multiple seasons; however, antigenic drift of circulating viruses may still necessitate annual vaccination. Vaccine seroresponse may be impaired with repeated vaccination.” – The Journal of Infectious Diseases, 2014

“Previous vaccination against seasonal influenza increased the risk of infection with the antigenically distinct influenza A/H1N1 pandemic virus in children and the risk of medically attended illness caused by this virus in adults.” – Journal of Virology, 2011

“… Pigs vaccinated against one strain of influenza were worse off if subsequently infected by a related strain of the virus.” –, 2013 via study at Science Translational Medicine, 2013

Other Risks of Receiving Flu Vaccine

Ok, so the vaccine may not be effective at preventing the flu, but what’s the harm in giving it a shot? (See what I did there?) Turns out, there are tremendous adverse reactions that have been documented to correlate following vaccination from the oblivious pain and swelling at the injection site to far more irreparable harm, including death.

Increased Adverse Effects Quick Facts

  • Non-influenza Respiratory Virus Infections
  • Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Events
  • Narcolepsy
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Febrile Seizures
  • Guillain-Barre Syndrome
  • Dystonia, a neurological movement disorder
  • Autism

The Sources

Non-influenza Respiratory Virus Infections

“We randomized 115 children to trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine (TIV) or placebo. Over the following 9 months, TIV recipients had increased risk of virologically-confirmed non-influenza infections.” – Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2012

Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Events

“Together with an inflammatory reaction, influenza A vaccine induced platelet activation and sympathovagal imbalance towards adrenergic predominance. Significant correlations were found between CRP (C-reactive protein) levels and HRV (heart rate variability) parameters, suggesting a pathophysiological link between inflammation and cardiac autonomic regulation. The vaccine-related platelet activation and cardiac autonomic dysfunction may transiently increase the risk of cardiovascular events.” –   The Association for the Publication of the Journal of Internal Medicine, 2011Dr. Mark Geier, MD and PhD

Guillain-Barre Syndrome

In the video to the right, Dr. Mark Geier, MD and PhD in genetics worked for a decade at the National Institute of Health says the following on the flu vaccine, “First, let’s start with the indisputable facts: the seasonal flu vaccine causes Guillain-Barre Syndrome… If you go to an emergency room with sudden onset of GBS symptoms, the first question the doctors will ask you is: ‘Did you recently get the flu shot?'”

“Researchers discovered that 77 people developed GBS up to 91 days after receiving the “swine flu” vaccine, amounting to 1.6 extra cases of GBS (Guillain-Barre syndrome) per 1 million people vaccinated.”  – CBS News, 2013


“In 2010, 54 children under age 17 were diagnosed with narcolepsy (5.3/100 000; 17-fold increase)…We consider it likely that Pandemrix vaccination contributed, perhaps together with other environmental factors, to this increase in genetically susceptible children.”PLOS One, 2012


“For those under the age of 21, the risk of contracting narcolepsy was 3x higher for those who were vaccinated with Pandemrix, where as those aged between 21 and 30 had double the risk.” – The Local, Sweden’s News in English, 2013

“She falls asleep on average 40 times a day”…Lucy Tonge “discovered that her sleeping disorder was very likely to have been triggered by the swine flu vaccine, which she had received in 2009 a couple of months before her symptoms first emerged.” – The Guardian, 2015


“According to Dr. Hugh Fudenberg, a leading immunogeneticist, those who consistently get the flu vaccine increase their risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 10 fold. He believes this is due to the toxic combination of aluminum and mercury in the vaccine.” –, 2012


The committee concluded the evidence convincingly supports 14 specific vaccine–adverse event relationships. In all but one of these relationships, the conclusion was based on strong mechanistic evidence with the epidemiologic evidence rated as either limited confidence or insufficient.” Of these “14 specific vaccine-adverse event relationships,” 1 of them are from the influezna vaccine.  The symptoms that have been confirmed to be convincingly supportive of causal is “Anaphylaxis.Committee to Review Adverse Effects of Vaccines; Institute of Medicine, TABLE S-2 – Summary of Causality Conclusions, 2011

Febrile Seizures

“Up to one in 100 children given the jab, made in Australia by CSL and marketed in the UK by Pfizer, suffered febrile convulsions in the following hours and days.” – London Telegraph, 2010

CSL’s Fluvax vaccine was associated with an elevated rate of febrile seizures and febrile reactions within the first 24 hours after vaccination among children aged 6 months to <5 years…febrile seizures was up to 9 per 1,000 doses (up to 1 in every 110 doses). – FDA, 2011

Mary Sue Paralyzed Flu Shot

On Fox News’ program Fox & Friends, they speak to the mother of Mary Sue, a 9 year old girl, who became paralyzed 3 days after taking the flu shot and is now confined to a wheel chair.

Serious Adverse Event


Desiree Jennings had a serious reaction to the annual flu shot resulting in a medical condition called Dystonia. Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder, in which sustained muscle contractions cause twisting and repetitive movements or abnormal postures. – Fox News DC, 2009

Fox newsAutism

Dr. Kent Holtorf, an Infectious Disease Expert won’t give his kids the swine flu vaccination, and he speaks on the fact that vaccine is more dangerous than the flu itself because of all the adjuvants and it’s rush to market. Dr. Holtorf goes on to stay that the thimerosal has been linked to autism in kids with mitochondrial dysfunction. The vaccine has been proven to be a neurotoxin with 25,000 times the level of mercury acceptable if it was in foods or water. – Fox News, 2009

Children and the Flu

Health Officials Admit Vaccine Ineffectiveness

There are numerous documented reports finding children that receive the flu vaccine were provided no additional protection from the flu. Yet, the CDC and most likely your chosen pediatrician continue to not only offer you the vaccine each, but in many cases, strongly push it on you. They ought to read the following studies if they haven’t. If they have read these studies, they ought to refer you to them as well.

“For kids under age 2, the licensed vaccines are not significantly more efficacious than placebo,” according to Scientific American via Cochrane Collaboration, 2012

“Influenza vaccines are efficacious in children older than two years but little evidence is available for children under two…it was surprising to find only one study of inactivated vaccine in children under two years.” – PubMed – National Center for Biotechnology Information, 2006

“In 2 seasons with suboptimal antigenic match between vaccines and circulating strains, we could not demonstrate VE (vaccine effectiveness) in preventing influenza-related inpatient/ED (emergency department) or outpatient visits in children younger than 5 years. Further study is needed during years with good vaccine match.” – Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, 2008

“They found that children who had received the flu vaccine had three times the risk of hospitalization, as compared to children who had not received the vaccine. In asthmatic children…” – ScienceDaily, 2009

“TIV (trivalent seasonal influenza vaccine) did not provide any protection against hospitalization in pediatric subjects, especially children with asthma. On the contrary, we found a threefold increased risk of hospitalization in subjects who did get the TIV vaccine.” – Allergy and Asthma Proceedings, 2012

Influenza Viral Shedding in Children

Viral shedding refers to the expulsion and release of virus progeny following successful reproduction during a host-cell infection. Once replication has been completed and the host cell is exhausted of all resources in making viral progeny, the viruses may begin to leave the cell by several methods.

“TIV (trivalent seasonal influenza vaccine) was not observed to ameliorate (make better) clinical symptoms or viral shedding among vaccine failures compared with infected placebo recipients.” – The Pediatric Infection Disease Journal, 2014

“Among subjects aged 5-8 years, 9-17 years, and 18-49 years, 44%, 27%, and 17% of subjects, respectively, shed vaccine virus after vaccination, and the mean number of positive samples per subject was 2.2, 1.8, and 1.5, respectively. Shedding occurred on days 1-11 postvaccination” for the Live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) – Vaccine, 2008

Most children 6-59 months of age vaccinated with Ann Arbor strain LAIV shed ≥ 1 vaccine virus within 11 days of vaccination.” – Vaccine, 2011

Ann Arbor strain LAIV – FluMist was originally developed by Hunein “John” Maassab, Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Michigan School of Public Health in Ann Arbor, Michigan

“During an epidemic of influenza B, 43 ambulatory children were prospectively followed to determine the quantitative shedding patterns of influenza B viral infection…For the first three days of illness, greater than or equal to 93% of the children shed virus, and 74% shed on day 4.” – The Journal of Infectious Disease, 1979

Influenza-Associated Pediatric Deaths

Averaging the last 3 complete flu seasons, we find that on average there are 105 flu related deaths for persons aged less than 18 years.

Pediatric Influenza and Pneumonia CDCSource: CDC, 2014 – based on 2010 U.S. census numbers for persons aged less than 18 years

Children Get Sick Because They Go the Doctor’s Office

Well-child visits linked to more than 700,000 subsequent flu-like illnesses. – ScienceDaily, 2014

Flu Vaccine & Elderly

Another segment of the population that is strongly urged to get a flu vaccine other than children is the elderly. But just how successful is the vaccine in preventing illness and death in this population?

“Evidence for protection in adults aged 65 years or older is lacking.” – The Lancet, 2011

“Over the last 2 decades in US, while flu vaccination rates among the elderly have increased from 15 to 65%, there has been no decrease in hospital admissions or all-cause mortality,” said Dr. Dean T. Eurich. – Reuters, 2008

“…Those aged at least 70 years, the age group that accounts for 3/4 of all influenza deaths,” have revealed using “recent excess mortality studies unable to confirm a decline in influenza-related mortality since 1980, even as vaccination coverage increased from 15% to 65%.” – The Lancet, 2007

“1173 cases and 2346 controls were included in the study. After we adjusted for the presence and severity of comorbidities, as defined by chart review, influenza vaccination was not associated with a reduced risk of community-acquired pneumonia (odds ratio 0.92, 95% CI 0.77-1.10) during the influenza season.” – The Lancet, 2008

Pregnancy & the Flu Vaccine

For many decades since the advent of vaccination in our culture, it was understood not to vaccinate pregnant women because of many potential risk of adverse reactions that could happen to the developing fetus. Today, standard modern medicine has thrown casution to the wind, and each are pushing more vaccines on pregnant women. Only time will tell since it is only recently that pregnant women have begun receiving the flu vaccine. More study will show the irreparable damage and harm done, but for now, we know the following.

Trivalent influenza virus vaccination elicits a measurable inflammatory response among pregnant women.” – Vaccine, 2011

“Based on analysis of data from two different sources, the 2009-A-H1N1 inactivated-influenza vaccination program contributed to an estimated 1,588 miscarriages and stillbirths among women 17 to 45 years of age.” – NCOW (National Coalition of Organized Women) from VAERS database reports, 2006

“The 1.8-fold increase in female AEs (Adverse Events) reports to VAERS following administration of pandemic A-H1N1 vaccine relative to seasonal TIV in the 2009/2010 influenza season is too small of a Weber-like increased reporting effect to account for the more than 40-fold increase in fetal-loss reports. Thus, the concomitant administration of the seasonal influenza and pandemic A-H1N1 vaccines during 2009/2010 suggests a synergistic toxicity and a statistically significant higher rate of fetal loss reporting relative to the single-dose seasons.” –  Human & Experimental Toxicology, 2013

Overestimated, Hype

So, we now know that the vaccine is significantly ineffective, if it works at all, and we know it causes irreparable harm and damage in some of those who receive it. Certainly medical professionals and the mainstream media see this as well, correct? Well, despite their best efforts in toting the flu shot’s miraculous effect, it has been noted and documented to be over hyped and ineffective in medical literature and reports.

“The flu vaccine, which hasn’t worked well to protect Americans against influenza, isn’t helping in Europe, either. The same mutated version of flu is circulating in Britain and other European countries this winter, and it’s only protected about 3 percent of those vaccinated, British health officials estimate. That’s even worse than in the U.S., where federal health officials say the vaccine reduced disease risk by 23 percent.” – NBC News, 2015

We could not correlate increasing vaccination coverage after 1980 with declining mortality rates in any age group. Because fewer than 10% of all winter deaths were attributable to influenza in any season, we conclude that observational studies substantially overestimate vaccination benefit.” – The Journal of the American Medical Association, 2005

“Over 200 viruses cause influenza and ILI, producing the same symptoms (fever, headache, aches, pains, cough and runny noses). Without laboratory tests, doctors cannot distinguish between them as both last for days and rarely lead to death or serious illness. At best, vaccines may only be effective against influenza A and B, which represent about 10% of all circulating viruses.” – The Cochrane Collaboration, 2013

“Influenza vaccines can provide moderate protection against virologically confirmed influenza, but such protection is greatly reduced or absent in some seasons.” – The Lancet, 2011

Virologist and Manufacturers Guess Wrong Strain

In fact, most years the vaccine contains the wrong strain or the wrong mutation of the influenza virus that was administered to the public. Since the manufacturers have to work on the vaccine a year in advance in preparation for the next year’s flu vaccine to hit the market, they often guess the wrong strain.

“The U.S. health agency (CDC) issued an advisory to doctors noting that flu virus samples the agency took from Oct. 1 through Nov. 22, showed that just under half were a good match for the current influenza A (H3N2) component contained in flu shots for the 2014-2015 season, suggesting the virus has drifted.” – Fox News, 2014

“The results reveal a pattern that surprised a number of health care professionals we consulted. The vast majority of cases were negative for H1N1 as well as seasonal flu, despite the fact that many states were specifically testing patients deemed to be most likely to have H1N1 flu” ranging from 83% – 97% negative for H1N1. – CBS News, 2009

H1N1 flu

Public Health Officials Admit Hype

The type of deception that the modern medical system pushes into the mainstream reminds me of a few lines from John F Kennedy’s famous speech, “Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.” Those in the industry that are put on TV or are quoted in the papers imploring us to get the flu vaccine also speak out of the other side of their mouth when it comes to speaking about it’s efficacy. Big pharma and the CDC admit that they have caused alarms and panic feeding an industry that results in numerous negative consequences to those that heed their advice. Fortunately, some truth does surface, and here are admissions to the hype.

“The CDC recommends anyone over six months old get a flu shot, and says the vaccine’s effectiveness wears off so those who got shots last year still need them this year.” – The Wall Street Journal, 2011

“…and vaccine-induced protection was greatest for individuals not vaccinated during the prior 5 years.” – Oxford University Press via the Infectious Diseases Society of America, 2014

“A CDC spokesman warned last spring that creating “alarms” and “dire outcomes” from the flu fueled the demand for flu shots last season.” – The Washington Times, 2004

WHO redefined the term “pandemic” on June 11th, 2009 right before the H1N1 flu outbreak in order raise alarms and sell vaccines. – Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg – Hearing on “The handling of the H1N1 pandemic: more transparency needed?”

Dr. Oz Won't Give His Kids H1N1Dr. Oz admits that he won’t give his own family the H1N1 virus. And he admits that there will be problems with this vaccine for some people who will have adverse effects. Feel free to fast forward the youtube video 5:02 to hear it yourself. “I will tell you, my wife’s not getting immunized and neither is my kids because I got four of them and when I go home I’m not Dr. Oz; I’m Mr. Oz.” – Dr. Mehmet Oz, CNN, 2009

“…the live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV, or the “nasal spray vaccine”) and inactivated influenza vaccine (IIV or “the flu shot). During 2013-2014 there was no measurable effectiveness for LAIV against influenza A (H1N1) among children enrolled in the study.” – CDC, 2014

“The chief avian flu coordinator for the United Nations, Dave Nabarro, said last fall he was “almost certain” a bird flu pandemic would strike soon, and predicted up to 150 million deaths.” – NBC News, 2006

1976 Swine Flu Vaccine Failure

The Vaccine – killed 25 people and gave 500 people Guillian-Barre
The Swine Flu Virus – killed 1 person and only 200 even got the Flu

“The $137-million program began in early October, but within days reports emerged that the vaccine appeared to increase the risk for Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare neurological condition that causes temporary paralysis but can be fatal…More than 500 people are thought to have developed Guillain-Barre syndrome after receiving the vaccine; 25 died.” – Los Angeles Times, 2009

“However, the pandemic, which some experts estimated at the time could infect 50 million to 60 million Americans, never unfolded. Only about 200 cases of swine flu and one death were ultimately reported in the U.S., the CDC said.”- Los Angeles Times, 2009H1N1 Flu Vaccine Experiment

Tune in to this ABC News interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dir, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases around 4 minutes in where they discuss the false pandemic and the 25 avoidable deaths due to the ’76 swine flu vaccine.

Americans Realizing the Hype

flu-3There is a measurable backlash from all of the pushing of the flu vaccine on the public leading the majority of Americans, 64.8%, turning down the flu shot. – Washington Post, 2013

The majority (56%) of reason for those who have decided to go unvaccinated site either that they: “don’t need it,” “don’t believe in it,” or “think they will get sicker.”

Different Types of Vaccines & Viruses

“Germany has two types of H1N1 flu vaccines; one for “top government officials in Berlin will be injected with an alternative vaccine — one widely seen as safer” and one that “increase(s) the risk of side effects from the flu vaccine such as fevers and headaches” for everyone else. – Spiegel, 2009

“…offering one vaccine believed to have fewer side effects to civil servants, politicians and soldiers, and another, potentially riskier vaccine to everyone else.” – Time, 2009

“The United Nations (UN), through the UN Environment Programme, began negotiations to write the global, legally binding Minamata Convention…condoning a two-tier standard of vaccine safety: a predominantly no-thimerosal and reduced-thimerosal standard for developed nations and a predominantly thimerosal-containing one for developing nations.” – PubMed – National Center for Biotechnology Information, 2014

“Some influenza researchers are trying to make the H5N1 bird-flu virus more dangerous to humans by repeatedly infecting laboratory ferrets.” – , 2013

“A controversial scientist who carried out provocative research on making influenza viruses more infectious has completed his most dangerous experiment to date by deliberately creating a pandemic strain of flu that can evade the human immune system.” – The Independent, 2014

“The vaccine is made without growing the influenza virus in chicken eggs, which is the way that flu shots were made for more than four decades. Instead, Flucelvax is grown in kidney cells from dogs.” – Time, 2014