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This site is dedicated to parents doing their due diligence to find out the facts about vaccines. Also, this site serves as a one-stop-shop for all research junkies who are seeking the real studies to do a deep dive into the truth, instead of just taking some 3rd party’s opinion on the topic.

The goal is to have these sources clicked; pulling up the studies and articles, and begin combing through them. Hopefully, when the inevitable conversation arises, of “Why are you all not giving your kids the shots?” You’ll have an answer, based in fact, and a source to share with the person asking.

Please provide any and all feedback. unhoodwinked is a work in progress. The site is not flashy, but the sources are unparallelled and won’t be found in one place anywhere else.

For more on the back story and inspiration of this site, tune in to The Vaccine Myth’s radio segment on unhoodwinked.com.

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