Vaccine Schedule and Human Response

Vaccine Schedule

Today, somewhere between 36 – 55 vaccines are recommended by age 6. – CBS News, 2008 The U.S. leads the rest of the world by at least 8 more vaccine recommendations for this age group.

Historical Amount of Vaccines Received by Age 6

1950 – 7 vaccines
1974 – 13 vaccines
1983 – 10 vaccines
2013 – 36 vaccines to 55 vaccines

“A single vaccine given to a 6 pound infant is the equivalent of giving a 180 lb. adult 30 vaccines in one day.” – Dr. Boyd Haley, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry University of Kentucky

Below is the CDC‘s recommended vaccine schedule chart for children 6 and under. Please note the use of childish symbols to make the vaccines seem non-threatening. Obviously, they’re not going to show pictures of syringes and screaming, teary-eyed babies, which would be the accurate depiction of what will be taking place. Instead, they choose fun, infant and child developmental symbols corresponding to the recommended vaccine for that age of development. These development pictures is a classical conditioning technique used to achieve the desired result of  associating this age of development with the particular vaccine recommended.
CDC's Vaccine Schedule

The Negative Human Response to Vaccines

Not only does each individual vaccine often result in negative consequences such as wearing off or irreversible, adverse reactions, but collectively, all the vaccines we take weaken the body’s natural immunity function. This is measurable when you compare the U.S. infant mortality rates to that of the rest of the world. We receive more vaccines than any other nation as infants, so what are the results of that?

“The mean IMRs (Infant Mortality Rate) of all nations within each group were then calculated. Linear regression analysis of unweighted mean IMRs showed a high statistically significant correlation between increasing number of vaccine doses and increasing infant mortality rates, with r = 0.992 (p = 0.0009).” – Human & Experimental Toxicology, 2014

“Importance  Immunization of extremely low-birth-weight (ELBW) infants in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is associated with adverse events, including fever and apnea or bradycardia, in the immediate postimmunization period. These adverse events present a diagnostic dilemma for physicians, leading to the potential for immunization delay and sepsis evaluations…Main Outcomes and Measures  Incidence of sepsis evaluations, need for increased respiratory support, intubation, seizures, and death.” – Journal of American Medical Association, 2015

“Children of mothers vaccinated against measles and, possibly, rubella have lower concentrations of maternal antibodies and lose protection by maternal antibodies at an earlier age than children of mothers in communities that oppose vaccination. This increases the risk of disease transmission in highly vaccinated populations.” – The Journal of Infectious Diseases Study, 2012

“Systemic autoimmunity appears to be the inevitable consequence of over-stimulating the host’s immune ‘system’ by repeated immunization with antigen, to the levels that surpass system’s self-organized criticality.” – PLOS One, 2009

“Phagocytosis is the first step of the innate immune system and it seems likely that injection of thimerosal would therefore inhibit an infant’s immune system as the only have the innate system until the acquired system is built up by aging.” – Neuroendocrinology Letters, 2005

Phagocytosis in the immune system is a major mechanism used to remove pathogens and cell debris.

“CRP (C-reactive protein) level is expected to be elevated in the 48 hours following immunization. In a minority of infants immunized, cardiorespiratory events were associated with presumed need for intervention.” – Journal of Pediatrics, 2007

Vaccines themselves can cause antibodies and build up defenses against the disease in the particular person who received the injection; however, among the other risks associated with the vaccine is the potential for the vaccine to shed. Shedding is the effect of the person who received the virus then spreading the virus to someone else even though they showed no symptoms of the disease. In fact, studies are coming out that the diseases could be getting more aggressive and worse off due to vaccinating against them.

“Physicians and public health officials know that recently vaccinated individuals can spread disease and that contact with the immunocompromised can be especially dangerous.” – CNBC News, 2015

Vaccines that keep hosts alive but still allow transmission could thus allow very virulent strains to circulate in a population. Here we show experimentally that immunization of chickens against Marek’s disease virus enhances the fitness of more virulent strains, making it possible for hyperpathogenic strains to transmit. Immunity elicited by direct vaccination or by maternal vaccination prolongs host survival but does not prevent infection, viral replication or transmission, thus extending the infectious periods of strains otherwise too lethal to persist.” – PLoS Biology, 2015

Parents Opting Out

There is no law that forces you to vaccinate your child before they enter kindergarten. This goes for public, private, and home-schooling. Instead, you will have to submit an exemption form signed by the parents or guardians stating, which exemption you fall under: medical, religious, or philosophical. Each state is a little different, but they all have at least two types of exemptions. Please find your state in the below map and click on the National Vaccine Information’s Center link to print your state’s exemption form. The socioeconomic status and degree to which vaccine safety is a major concern for parents who choose not to vaccinate their children may surprise people.

State Vaccine Exemptions

Vaccine Waiver

With that said, Dr. Mayer Eisenstein speaking with WHDT 9 News describes how you should select the religious exemption, which 47 of the 50 states recognize (MS, WV, and CA excluded). He says around 10:20 in the video, “It can be your own personal, specific, religious beliefs. Those two words are very important. In law, words are very important; personal and specific. That requires writing up a letter saying that if you are a citizen of the state and that you are the parent of the child, and that you have personal, specific, religious beliefs why you don’t believe in vaccines. Now that’s the one that I recommend both as an attorney, especially as an attorney for people to write.

There is a growing swell of parents opting out. These parents are not uneducated, and more are joining the movement due to increase politicization of the issue.

“For those people who were less likely to have previously encountered news stories about the HPV vaccine controversy, reading about political conflict decreased support for vaccines in general.  It also decreased trust in doctors. This suggests a very troubling implication: media coverage of the controversy about the measles vaccine could actually affect the general public beyond the very small “anti-vax” community.” – The Washington Post, 2015

In California, “the vaccine opt-out rate has doubled over the last seven years, 2014 as measured by children enrolled in kindergarten” and “the parents who are balking at having their children vaccinated are overwhelmingly well educated and affluent.” – Huffington Post, 2014

“Unvaccinated children tended to be white, to have a mother who was married and had a college degree, to live in a household with an annual income exceeding $75 000, and to have parents who expressed concerns regarding the safety of vaccines and indicated that medical doctors have little influence over vaccination decisions for their children.” – Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics, 2004

“Almost half (48%) of the parents of unvaccinated children expressed a concern about vaccine safety compared to only 5% of parents of undervaccinated children,” so parents of unvaccinated children are nearly 10 times more concerned about vaccine safety.National Network for Immunization Information, 2004

Religious Exemption Due to Aborted Fetal Cells in Vaccines

In most states, a religious exemption is permitted reason to sign a waiver for opting out of vaccines. Many Christians believe that their are not grounds to utilize a religious exemption for opting out. However, Christian churches that oppose abortion morally have a great reason to exempt themselves from vaccination. Since 1962, WI-38 cells have been of those derived from “Sweden, where abortion was legal” at the time according to Nature, 2013.

For Catholics especially, even though the Church’s Magisterium has not spoken about this specific issue in a definitive manner, the same Machiavellian principle should be rejected of the “ends justify the means” in the manner of aborted humans used in the production of vaccines.

It is not morally permissible to reap the research benefits from a deliberately induced abortion without, in some sense, being an accomplice to that abortion, according to Dominican Father Albert Moraczewski, of the Pope John XXIII Center for Medical-Moral Research in Braintree, Massachusetts.” – A Vaccine That Infects?, 1996


…the institutionalization of the vaccine within the very fabric of society in place, to say that a person receiving this vaccination ¾ derived from a fetus aborted long ago ¾ does not will the abortion that makes the vaccination possible is patently false. If I need the vaccine (and it is a need that can be satisfied only by an aborted fetus) and if I defend my need, I will the abortion. The person receiving the vaccination may well be living long after the fetus was actually aborted, and had no involvement in and may even have no knowledge of the particular and actual fetus that was aborted. However, the remoteness in time is not sufficient for arguing that there is no act of the will on the part of the recipient of the vaccine, even if, once again, only an elicited act of the will, institutionalized within societal practice and within the habits of minds of its members.” – Father Torraco, Associate Professor of Theology at Assumption College  and Executive Director of the Society for the Study of the Magisterial Teaching of the Church (SSMTC), Worcester, Massachusetts


“…no power on Earth can give anyone the right to possess, purchase or preserve tissue taken from a sacrificed baby.   Human tissue obtained in such a manner is not an object of possession, and can never be an object of possession, irregardless if they are producing vaccines for every disease on Earth.  The evil use of fetal tissue for someone’s good cannot justify the situation: it is a screaming violation of justice.  In this case, the circumstance of “by what aid” is evil, and therefore the whole act of immunizing a child with the MMR II vaccine, as originally considered, is evil:  Bonum ex integra causa, malum ex quocumque defectu.  (Goodness arises from an integral cause, evil arises from any defect whatsoever.) It is immoral to knowingly use any medical products – vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, stem cells, you name it, which are derived from tissue obtained via abortion or embryonic destruction.” –  Fr. Phil Wolfe, FSSP

Below is a chart of vaccines that use human aborted fetus cells in it’s production as described in Infant Immunization, The Catholic Parent’s Guide.

Vaccines with Aborted Fetuses

Though the above rationale was explained by Roman Catholic priests, recently a Russian Orthodox Catholic woman in New York successfully won her appeal with New York’s Department of Education for a religious exemption on the grounds of  aborted cells used in the MMR vaccine.

“Her opposition to the MMR vaccine stems from sincerely held religious beliefs. … Furthermore, petitioner produced information relative to specific ingredients … which appears to provide the linkage between vaccines and aborted fetal tissue,” Elia said. Mary Ellen Elia is New York Department’s Education Commissioner. – NY Post, 2015