Rubella – The Virus and It’s Effect

Rubella virus a.k.a. German Measles or the three-day measles “can be found in nose and throat secretions, such as saliva, sputum, or nasal mucus, of infected people.” – CDC, 2014

In young children, rubella is usually mild, with few noticeable symptoms. They may have a fever and a sore throat. Adults are more likely to have a headache, pink eye, and general discomfort 1 to 5 days before the rash appears. Adults also tend to have more complications, including sore, swollen joints and, less commonly, arthritis, especially in women.” – CDC, 2014

Annual U.S. Mortality Rate for Rubella

Less than 1 death per year

“During 2004–2012, 79 cases of rubella and six cases of CRS (congenital rubella syndrome) were reported in the United States… Of the three cases of CRS that occurred in 2012, All three mothers had been in Africa early in their pregnancies.” – CDC, 2014


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